BUS 517 Midterm Exam Part 1

BUS 517 Midterm Exam Part 1 in $24 Only

In this set solution of following questions are available:

(1) Which of these is not part of the technical dimension of project management?
(2) Which of the following activities is not considered a project?
(3) From among the following activities, which is the best example of a project?
(4) Which of the following constraints is not typically found in managing projects?
(5) In which of the following stages is it determined what the project will entail, when it will be scheduled, whom it will benefit, and what the budget will be?
(6) Integration of all project processes and practices to improve Project Management is due to
(7) A professional organization for project management specialists is the
(8) The waste on failed projects and cost overruns is estimated in the neighborhood of
(9) Project selection criteria are typically classified as:

ACC 423 Final Exam

ACC 423 Final Exam in $12 OnlyFinancial Statement Analysis

Question 1

Buttercup Corporation issued 250 shares of $11 par value common stock for $4,125. Prepare Buttercup’ journal entry.

Question 2

Wilco Corporation has the following account balances at December 31, 2012.
Common stock, $5 par value $511,670
Treasury stock 95,260
Retained earnings 2,400,840
Paid-in capital in excess of par 1,320,150
Prepare Wilco’s December 31, 2012, stockholders’ equity section

Question 3

Woolford Inc. declared a cash dividend of $1.38 per share on its 2.22 million outstanding shares. The dividend was declared on August 1, payable on September 9 to all stockholders of record on August 15. Prepare the journal entries necessary on those three dates.

ABS 497 Week 5 Final Paper

ABS 497 Week 5 Final Paper in $12 Only

To complete the following final paper, go to this week’s Final Paper link in the left navigation.

Final Paper

Focus of the Final Paper

Imagine that you are a researcher and are conducting a study to investigate a community problem. Using behavioral research principles, select a macro systems problem to investigate (there are many suggested in the textbook, e.g. domestic violence, homophobia, sexual abuse, delinquent gangs) and design a study to solve this community problem.

The purpose of your Final Paper is to solve this community problem.

IT 341 Midterm Exam

IT 341 Midterm Exam in $28 OnlyIT 341 Midterm Exam

Polymers, and especially those that are used in packaging, are a large group of materials composed of primarily carbon and ________ atoms

a. oxygen
b. calcium
c. hydrogen
d. sodium
e. None of the above
T/F: All plastics are polymers, but not all polymers are plastic

Plastic is a group of high molecular weight polymers that can be shaped under

a. heat, pressure and time
b. cold temperature and pressure
c. all points beyond ambient temperature
d. pressure and time only
e. None of the above
CRV stands for

ACCT-504 Midterm Exam Answers

ACCT-504 Midterm Exam Answers in $32 onlyACCT-504 Midterm Exam Answers

(TCO C) Issuing shares of stock in exchange for cash is an example of a(n):

(TCO C) Which activities involve putting the resources of the business into action to generate a profit?

(TCO A) The cost of assets consumed or services used is also known as:

(TCO C) Edwards Company recorded the following cash transactions for the year:

Paid $45,000 for salaries.
Paid $20,000 to purchase office equipment.
Paid $5,000 for utilities.
Paid $2,000 in dividends.
Collected $75,000 from customers.

UMUC ECON203 Final Exam 2016

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ECON203 Final Exam 2016

ECON 203 Final Exam 2016

ECON/203 Final Exam 2016

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ECON 312 Final Exam Answer

ECON 312 Final Exam Answer in $42 only

(TCO 1) Opportunity cost is best defined as (Points : 4)
(TCO1) Which is not a factor of production? (Points : 4)
(TCO1) A point outside the production possibilities curve is (Points : 4)
(TCO1) A basic characteristic of a command system is that (Points : 4)
(TCO 2) Which is consistent with the law of demand? (Points : 4)
(TCO 2) A decrease in supply and a decrease in demand will (Points : 4)
(TCO 2) You are the sales manager for a software company and have been informed that the price elasticity of demand for your most popular software is less than one. To increase total revenues, you should (Points : 4)
(TCO 2) The price elasticity of demand increases with the length of the period considered because (Points : 4)

BSOP 588 Final Exam

BSOP 588 Final Exam in $42 only

Question: (TCO E) Determining how customers will value your products can be assessed by all of the following EXCEPT:
Question: (TCO D) All of the following are stages in developing an improvement plan EXCEPT:
Question: (TCO C) Terms such as kanban, single-minute exchange of dies, and visual controls are most closely associated with:
Question: (TCO C) Which one of the following would not be a primary step in the poka-yoke process?
Question: (TCO B) _____ measures are generally tracked by senior leadership to gauge overall organizational performance.
Question: (TCO I) The cost associated with unplanned machine downtime, when operators halt the production line after identifying an unacceptably high rate of defective output, should be classified as:
Question: (TCO A) Lean approaches focus on:
Question: (TCO B) Robert Kaplan and David Norton developed a balanced scorecard which had four perspectives. Which one of the following is NOT one of them?

University of North Carolina BUS 342 11D Exam 2

University of North Carolina BUS 342 11D Exam 2 in $38 onlyUniversity of North Carolina BUS 342 11D Exam 2

University of North Carolina BUS 342- 11D Exam 2 in 2016

Exam 2_2016
Question 1
Among GCC economies, which of the following has the the lowest per capita oil and gas production?

Saudi Arabia

Question 2
Among the following countries, which one has the lowest female labor participation rate?

Saudi Arabia

Question 3
Among the following economies, which one is not an OECD member?


Question 4
Commercial shariah is similar to Western business laws in most aspects.


Question 5
During 2000-2007, absolute poverty in Russia fell by more than 50%.


Devry HRM590 Final Exam 2016 Latest June

Devry HRM590 Final Exam 2016 Latest June in $27 only (Instant Download)

Question 1. 1. (TCO A) HRM has never been a revenue-generating department. However, many companies are seeing the value in collaborating with HRM based on a strategic focus. Explain how HRM is now considered a strategic partner in most companies and provide an example of this strategic alliance. (Points : 30)

Sample Answer: 

Human resource management has always been an essential aspect of running a business and even though it is not directly a revenue-generating department, it has a lot of consequence upon the business of the firm. In recent times, businesses all over the world have been putting more focus on human resource management because…

Question 2. 2. (TCO B) Describe the difference between human resources as a back-office support function and strategic human resource management. Discuss two strategic HR methods for recruitment. (Points : 30)

Question 3. 3. (TCO C) Describe four potential HRM risks related to employment laws. (Points : 30)

Question 4. 4. (TCO D) Hardwick’s Fabric Store contracted with you as an HR consultant. They have asked you to review their jobs to ensure that they align with the industry; however, they do not want a long process, but just a simple review of their current jobs. Explain the value of job analysis to Hardwick’s owner. Review the necessity of job descriptions and what would happen if Hardwick decided not to use job descriptions. (Points : 30)

Question 5. 5. (TCO E) As the director of HR, you have the responsibility of implementing a layoff for a medium-sized company. Review the key issues that must be settled in the implementation. Discuss some strategies you can take in order to reassure surviving employees after a layoff. (Points : 30)

Question 6. 6. (TCO F) Describe the difference between employee development and employee training. Explain the value that employee development brings to the business. (Points : 30)

Question 7. 7. (TCO G) Incentives are rewards intended to motivate a specific behavior. Appropriate incentives stimulate performance. Explain how pay for performance plans are designed to reward individuals as well as team results. Evaluate the value of pay for performance plans as it relates to the organization/business. (Points : 30)

Question 8. 8. (TCO H) Discuss two major trends in human resource technology and the ways in which they are transforming the HRM function. Be sure to provide examples of each. (Points : 40)

Sample Anwer:

Two major trends pertaining to human resource technology would include social media hiring and millennial challenges. Social media hiring is engaged in through the social media platform, through which it becomes possible for the human resources to approach the talented pool of employees faster. It reaches….

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Post Eco201 Final Exam

Post Eco201 Final Exam in $17 only

Macro Final 100% correct Answers

  • In the United States during the 1970’s, expected inflation rose substantially. This rise was due entirely to a supply shock not to higher money supply growth.
  • Suppose the price of the product you sell stays the same, but the prices of other goods and services rise, this means that the
  • According to the long-run Phillips curve what are the long-run effects of an increase in the money supply growth rate?
  • National saving is the source of the supply of loanable funds in the open-economy macroeconomic model.
  • Classical theory points to money supply growth as the primary determinant of
  • If the U.S. inflation rate is positive and higher than the inflation rate in Australia over the next few years then
  • If the U.S. were to impose an import quota on CD players
  • Money that has value as a good is called fiat money.
  • Nearly all hyperinflations follow the same pattern: high government spending is financed by increases in the money supply

BIS 245 Entire Course with Final Exam

BIS 245 Entire Course with Final Exam in $55 only

  1. Week 1 DQ 1 – Databases and Gathering Requirements
  2. Week 1 DQ 2 – Choosing a Database
  3. Week 2 DQ 1 – Entity Relationship (ER) Modeling
  4. Week 2 DQ 2 – Database Table Design
  5. Week 3 DQ 1 – Conceptual Database Design
  6. Week 3 DQ 2 – Requirements Analysis
  7. Week 4 DQ 1 – Creating Queries from woodcraft Database
  8. Week4 DQ 2 – Creating Queries from NorthWeekind Database
  9. Week 5 DQ 1 – Data Normalization
  10. Week 5 DQ 2 – Data Validation
  11. Week 6 DQ 1 – Data Reporting
  12. Week 6 DQ 2 – Presenting Data Effectively
  13. Week 7 DQ 1 – Database Navigation
  14. Week 7 DQ 2 – Database Security
  15. BIS 245 Week 1 Lab
  16. BIS245 Week 2 Lab – Skills Development in Visio
  17. BIS 245 Week 3 Lab – Visio ERD
  18. BIS 245 Week 4 Lab – ER Diagram
  19. BIS 245 Week 5 Lab – ER Diagram and ER Matrix
  20. BIS 245 Week 6 iLab Creating Reports
  21. BIS 245 Week 7 iLab
  22. BIS 245 Final Exam

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ECO 550 Final Exam 116 Questions With Answers 100% Correct

ECO 550 Final Exam 116 Questions With Answers 100% Correct in $59 only

Midterm And Final Exam Solution

ECO 550 Midterm And Final Exam Solution Set 1

Question 1

The short-run cost function is:


where all inputs to the production process are variable

relevant to decisions in which one or more inputs to the production process are fixed

not relevant to optimal pricing and production output decisions

crucial in making optimal investment decisions in new production facilities

In a study of banking by asset size over time, we can find which asset sizes are tending to become more prominent.  The size that is becoming more predominant is presumed to be least cost. This is called:


regression to the mean analysis.

breakeven analysis.

survivorship analysis.

engineering cost analysis.

a Willie Sutton analysis.

Which of the following is not
an assumption of the linear breakeven model:

ISCOM 472 Final Exam

ISCOM 472 Final Exam in $8 only

1. Lean enterprise is a systematic methodology to reduce the complexity and streamline a process to identify and eliminate waste in company processes.

2. Just –In-Time is the same as a lean manufacturing approach.

3. The end goal of Lean enterprise and Six Sigma are the same in that they strive for better process performance by focusing on the same elements of the process.

4. Process charts is an organized way of documenting all activities performed by a person or group of people at a workstation, with a customer or working with certain materials.

5. Flowcharts are also known as which of the following:…

ECON 306 Exam

ECON 306 Exam in $18 only

1. Which of the following constitutes an implicit cost to the Johnston Manufacturing Company?

a. Payments of wages to its office workers.

b. Rent paid for the use of equipment owned by the Schultz Machinery Company.

c. Use of savings to pay operating expenses instead of generating interest income.

d. Economic profits resulting from current production.

2.Suppose that a business incurred implicit costs of $500,000 and explicit costs of $5 million in a specific year. If the firm sold 100,000 units of its output at $50 per unit, its accounting:

ECON625 Final Exam

ECON625 Final Exam in $10 only

Davenport ECON625 Final Exam

Question 1

In the long run, the most helpful action that a monopolistically competitive firm can take to maintain its economic profit is to

continue its efforts to differentiate its product.

raise its price.

lower its price.

do nothing, because it will inevitably experience a decline in profits

2 points

Question 2

The four-firm concentration ratio

indicates the total profitability among the top four firms in an industry

is an indicator of the degree of monopolistic competition.

indicates the presence and intensity of an oligopoly market.

is used by the government as a basis for anti-trust cases.

2 points

Question 3

ECN360 Midterm Exam

ECN360 Midterm Exam in $14 only (Instant Download)

GRAND ECN360 Midterm Exam

1. An inferior good has an income elasticity of demand that is


negative. (Sample Answer)


positive but less than 1.

2. In the above figure, when this monopolistically competitive firm produces its profit-maximizing output, it sets a per-unit price of





3. Refer to the above figure. The profit maximizing quantity for this firm is





Economics Final Exam

Economics Final Exam in $15 only

Question 1

Historical evidence for the U.S. economy indicates that


recessions have occurred roughly once every six years since the 1960s.

the unemployment rate usually decreases during a recession and increases shortly after the recession ends.

real GDP usually remains roughly constant during a recession and decreases shortly after the recession ends.

changes in real GDP over the business cycle are largely attributable to changes in investment over the business cycle.

2 points

Question 2

Which of the following is most commonly used to monitor short-run changes in economic activity?


the inflation rate

real GDP

aggregate demand

aggregate supply

2 points

Question 3

During recessions investment


falls by a larger percentage than GDP.

falls by about the same percentage as GDP.

falls by a smaller percentage than GDP.

falls but the percentage change is sometimes much larger and sometimes much smaller

2 points