ACCT 212 Course Project

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This course has two course projects due. The first, Course Project 1, reinforces the basic principles of accounting and application of the accounting information system. It is completed in two parts. The second, Course Project 2, is an opportunity to show the ability to analyze financial statements to arrive at conclusions based upon the analysis.

Course Project 1 – Overview and Guidelines | Course Project 2 – Overview and Guidelines

Course Project 1 – Overview and Guidelines

Course Project 1 consists of two parts, A and B, respectively. There are 10 requirements for you to complete in this exercise, Part A has 1-3 and Part B has 4-10. Part A is due at the end of Week 3. Part B is due at the end of Week 5. See Syllabus/”Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information.

Devry Comp 129 All Weeks Discussions, Quizzes, Course Project and Final Exam

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Devry Comp 129 Week 1 Discussion

 Discussion 1

In this discussion, we will look at the basics of both hardware and operating systems. To begin this discussion, let’s first define the difference between hardware and software. What is hardware? What is software? What are the purposes of hardware and software?

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Discussion 2

DeVry HSM544 Week 7 Course Project Latest

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Course Project – Guide


Write a research paper (not less than 18 pages or more than 22 pages) double spaced based on your chosen subject, in which you convince your readers to support your recommendation.
Introductory material:
Cover letter or memo, title page, table of contents, executive summary:
Body of the report:
Introduction, conclusions, recommendations, findings, and methodology, organized clearly with effective headings and subheadings:
Supplementary information: Appendixes, exhibits (supplementary charts and graphs) and a list of illustrations, if appropriate.
Use Applied Business Research Techniques:

ACCT 550 Course Project Latest 2015

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Free Sample Answer Given Below.

The objective is to prepare a comprehensive balance sheet and single-step income statement presented in good form and derived from a list of various accounts. The amounts relative to each account will be given and the student will learn to determine whether an account is a balance sheet account or a temporary account that belongs to the income statement. The accounts will be comprised of all the various subgroupings in the balance sheet (current assets, investment, fixed assets, intangibles, and other assets, as well as current liabilities, long-term liabilities, and the equity sections). Guidelines include the following.

  • Obtain the list of accounts under the section Course Project Listing of Accounts.
  • Determine which accounts belong to the balance sheet and which accounts belong to the income statement.
  • Determine to which subgroup each account belongs.
  • Arrange the accounts in proper order and functionality.
  • Prepare a comprehensive balance sheet in good form.
  • Prepare a single-step income statement in good form.
  • Put the Course Project in the Dropbox for the project in Week 8.

BUSN 278 Budgeting and Forecasting – Course Project + Weekly Discussions + Midterm Exam

BUSN 278 Budgeting and Forecasting – Course Project + Weekly Discussions + Midterm Exam in $59 only

Week 4 Midterm Exam

BUSN278 Course Project (Papa Geo’s Restaurant)

Project Overview:

This is an individual project where you will be acting as a consultant to an entrepreneur who wants to start a new business. As the consultant, you’ll create a 5 year budget that supports the entrepreneur’s vision and strategy, as well as the needs for equipment, labor, and other startup costs.

You can choose from one of three types of new business startups — a landscaping company, a restaurant, or an electronics store that sells portable computing devices. Each business has its own Business Profile detailed in the sections below. The purpose of the Business Profile is to guide you in understanding the scope of the business, the entrepreneur’s startup costs, and financial assumptions.

The project requires you to create a written budget proposal, a supporting Excel Workbook showing your calculations, and a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the key elements of the budget proposal, which you assume will be presented to a management team.

This is an individual project. Each week you will complete a section of the project in draft form. In Week 7, you will submit the final version of the project’s Budget Proposal, Budget Workbook, and Budget Presentation in PowerPoint.