Yes, One More Time, We Did it…Our Domain Name

Domain NameYes, One More Time, We Did it…Our Domain Name

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We did it…..Our New Email Address

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Final Project Overview in $50 Only


As students of finance and potential investors, you can estimate the financial health and profitability of a company using financial ratios and other industry tools. The tools and skills practiced in this course can be used to help you determine whether or not to invest money in a company. Research into the financial health of the company can help make the decision.

In the final project, you compute corporate performance ratios and compare them to industry averages. You also study portions of the company’s annual report to analyze the company’s operating and cash cycles, long-term debt, and cost of capital. Finally, you summarize your conclusions in an analysis from an investor perspective. Please summarize and explain the project listed in the syllabus here.

Final Project Timeline

Export Business Plan

Export Business Plan in $3 OnlyExport Business Plan

Consider the following scenario: You own your own company and would like to go global! Research a potential market and product to get your export operations started and present your findings to potential investors.

• Create a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® (plus one reference slide) presentation with detailed speakerÂ’s notes.
• Include at least 3 resources besides the textbook and format them using APA guidelines.
• Explain why and how you made your decision to export to the market you chose.
• Use the outline in Appendix A, and the information you gathered throughout the course to complete the assignment.
Ball, D. A., McCulloch, W. H. Jr., Frantz, P. L., Geringer, J. M., & Minor, M. S. (2006).
International business: The challenge of global competition (10th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.

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Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Statement Analysis in $29 OnlyFinancial Statement Analysis

Complete Project and submit analysis. It should be no more than 10 written pages (including exhibits, etc.).
You can use any company of interest, however, you must be able to address all of the questions below (most biotechnology and technology companies will not be appropriate). You will need the company’s annual report and/or other documents that it files with the SEC (i.e. 10K or 10Q). These documents can be obtained through the Internet. In addition, you can obtain this information from the library, the company itself, or from a full-service brokerage firm. Please submit a copy of the company’s financial statements (only, i.e. just the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows) along with your analysis.

In your project, address the following questions.

ACC 220: Week 8 Responsibility Centre Presentation

ACC 220: Week 8 Responsibility Centre Presentation in $3 OnlyACC 220: Week 8 Responsibility Centre Presentation
Responsibility Centre Presentation with speaker notes with Speaker Notes

Imagine you have been selected by your manager to present a training session to a group of new employees. The new hires do not have accounting backgrounds and have little or no work history in a responsibility center. The purpose of this training session is to explain the functions of each of the different responsibility centers.

• Develop a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that you could use as part of this training session.
• Explain what each of the different responsibility centers is and what each is accountable for and why each center has its own budget.
• Give an example of the kinds of decisions where incremental analysis would be used in each center.
• Include speaker notes for your presentation.
• Post your presentation as a Microsoft® PowerPoint® attachment.


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