MGT 360 Entire Week 4

MGT 360 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment EMS Recommendations (Instant Download)

Summary of Report: Write a report of no less than 1,050 words and no more than 1,200 words in which you make specific recommendations for Riordan Manufacturing to improve its sustainability practices.

Content of Report:

  • First, summarize the objectives, targets, and programs you identified as the most important areas requiring improvement in sustainability, using the assessment produced in Week Three.  Please make this very brief. You do not need to provide a complete re-hashing. You only need to hit the major points.
  • Second, identify and summarize relevant technologies, strategies, products, or practices Riordan Manufacturing may use to increase sustainability. You might consider a section devoted to each of the three practices you identified in the Week 3 report. Focus on what can be done to make this non-sustainable practice more sustainable. You can almost think of this as an informed brainstorming sessions. As I read each about each practice, I have an idea of the range of solutions available to make that particular practice more sustainable.
  • Third, after you have provided an overview of the possible solutions for each non-sustainable practice, identify what your team considers the three best practices Riordan Manufacturing should implement. Describe which new items or practices must be implemented, a summary of costs and benefits, a justification of why the benefits outweigh the costs, and describe the steps the business must take to implement new items. Although you should not base your recommendations on meeting any state or federal regulations, do your recommendations eliminate the need to comply with state or federal regulations?

Cite assigned readings and at least three additional peer-reviewed sources (please see the Week 3 team assignment for a description of peer-reviewed sources) to support your points in APA format.

Submit the EMS Recommendations.


Following files are attached in the answer:

  1. MGT 360 Week 4 DQ 1.docx
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  3.  MGT 360 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment EMS Recommendations.doc
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