Assessment Task 2 Review of Project Operations Management

Assessment Task 2 Review of Project Operations Management in $12 only

Purpose of assessment

To assess your skills, knowledge and ability to review the management processes associated with a building and construction project.

This assessment task accounts for 50% of your total assessment.

Download and complete theAssessment 2 Cover Sheet save a copy, and then upload it with your submission.

Assessment task

For this assessment task, you are required to contact a building organisation to discuss a project they have undertaken. You are then required to write a report evaluating the processes that enable the project manager to:

• effectively and efficiently procure resources

• communicate effectively both verbally, and in writing, with suppliers and subcontractors

• complete documentation to organisational standards

• deal with variations to contracts

• implement effective processes for maintaining site safety and managing risks.

In your report, you are also required to provide information to answer the followig questions about the project:

• What factors have the potential to impact on progress of the project?

• What strategies are in place to deal with these impacts?

• How is stakeholder involvement obtained and maintained throughout the project?

• How has the construction plan changed throughout the project?

• What lessons have been learned?

• Have the objectives been met?

• What could have been done differently?

• What makes the project management effective or ineffective?

To maintain confidentiality of the organisation concerned, you can use a fictitious name.

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