Discussion Questions on Apple and Investment Banking

Discussion Questions on Apple and Investment Banking in $8 onlyDiscussion Questions on Apple and Investment Banking

Our discussion this week includes 2-topic. One well research post for each one is the requirement.

1. Even though Apple has recently started paying little dividends as well as some large one but they still hold substantial cash. At the end of last year their cash and marketable securities holdings were close to $216 billion. Now the question is what to do with this money. Do you think they should give another large dividend to its shareholders? Our focus here is to find the best idea that will increase the sherholders’ wealth.

2. Investment banking business has been struggling recently. This is affecting the business model of traditional Wall Street firms. Do you think investment banking is going to come back soon? If yes, where should we invest our money (Goldman, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi or small investment banks)?

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