IT 341 Midterm Exam

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Polymers, and especially those that are used in packaging, are a large group of materials composed of primarily carbon and ________ atoms

a. oxygen
b. calcium
c. hydrogen
d. sodium
e. None of the above
T/F: All plastics are polymers, but not all polymers are plastic

Plastic is a group of high molecular weight polymers that can be shaped under

a. heat, pressure and time
b. cold temperature and pressure
c. all points beyond ambient temperature
d. pressure and time only
e. None of the above
CRV stands fora. California redemption value
b. Christian revival values
c. California revenue volume
d. California recycle value
e. None of the above
The ___________ developed a coding system to facilitate the recycling process

a. Society of Polymers
b. Society of Plastics Industry
c. Plastic Commerce Organization
d. Polymers Incorporated
e. None of the above
T/F: Some polymers may contain a relatively small amount of atoms like Oxygen, Nitrogen and Halogens

T/F: The vast majority of the commercial polymers contain metals in their structure and are therefore called organic polymers

All of the following are considered the 9 most common elements in polymers EXCEPT:

a. Oxygen
b. Hydrogen
c. Fluorine
d. Silicon
e. None of the above

All of the following are considered the 9 most common elements in polymers EXCEPT:

a. Nitrogen
b. Hydrogen
c. Sodium
d. Sulfur
e. None of the above

You are trying to make a package for milk. You need materials that are very cheap, strong and easily molded. You will most likely use

a. Polystyrene
b. Polyethylene
c. Polypropylene
d. Polyvinylchloride
e. None of the above

T/F: Polymers are materials of a very low molecular weight
The ________ (central region) of each atom contains the protons (positive charge) and neutrons (no charge). Electrons (negative charge) are located in a cloud around the outside

Atoms of one or more types are organized into
________. There are only a hundred or so types of atoms, but there are an almost infinite number of different types of these

A(n) __________ bond results from sharing electrons between two atoms

T/F: All stable atoms (except for hydrogen) have 8
electrons in the outer orbit

T/F: All stable atoms have 8 electrons in the outer orbit

Carbon, which is the major component in organic polymers, has 4 electrons in the outer orbit and is ready to

a. share 4 electrons
b. form 4 covalent bonds
c. share 3 electrons
d. a & b
e. None of the above
__________ polymers are made (or synthesized) by nature

_________ polymers are man-made meaning they are not made by nature

T/F: Polymers are made of building blocks called monomers
T/F: Monomers are normally gases or liquids at room temperature

Synthetic polymers are normally divided into two
groups according to the method of their preparation (but they differ also in their properties)

a. Addition polymers
b. Condensation polymers
c. Subtraction polymers
d. a & b
e. b & c

___________ bonding determines molecular structure and include covalent and ionic bonding

a. Primary
b. Secondary
c. Metallic
d. Intermolecular forces
e. None of the above

___________ bonding determines the physical nature of the chemical substance

a. Primary
b. Secondary
c. Metallic
d. Alternative
e. None of the above

T/F: When a solid is heated to the melting point, secondary bonds are disrupted allowing the solid to melt and flow

T/F: An ideal gas has no ability to form secondary bonds

____________ forces are attractions between molecules or atoms of different molecules

Three primary categories of intermolecular forces are also known Van der Waals Forces which include all of the following EXCEPT:

a. Dispersion forces
b. Induction forces
c. Dipole interactions
d. hydrogen bonds
e. None of the above

_________ bonds are a special case of dipole interactions and if present have an important impact on polymer properties

a. Hydrogen
b. Covalent
c. Ionic
d. Intermolecular
e. None of the above

T/F: Polymers are formed by individual monomers that are joined together

___________ is the process by which a polymer is formed

A(n) ___________ is a molecule that can be bonded to other identical molecules to form a polymer

T/F: In general the polymerization reaction process is maintained under controlled temperature and pressure

A polymer formed from one type of monomer is called

a. monopolymer
b. homopolymer
c. polymere
d. polymonomer
e. None of the above

A(n) _____________ is a molecular fragment that contains an unpaired electron

Addition polymers are mostly produced by ____________ polymerization

T/F: Polyesters can be used in making soft drink bottles, automotive parts, appliance parts

Degree of polymerization is the number of repeat units in the

In terms of molecular orientation, generally ___________ orientation is 2-5 times stronger than uniaxial orientation, or monoaxial orientiation

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