Papa and Mama Two Mutual Funds

Papa and Mama Two Mutual Funds in $21 Only

You have been given the following return information for two mutual funds (Papa and Mama), the market index, and the risk-free rate.

Papa and Mama Two Mutual Funds

Year Papa Fund Mama Fund Market Risk-Free
2008 -12.60% -22.6 -24.50% 1%
2009 25.40% 18.50% 19.50% 3%
2010 8.50% 9.20% 9.40% 2%
2011 15.50% 8.50% 7.60% 4%
2012 2.60% -1.20% -2.20% 2%

Calculate the Sharpe ratio, Treynor ratio, Jensen’s alpha, information ratio, and R-squared for both funds and determine which is the best choice for your portfolio.

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