Ashford BUS 694 Week 5 Program Comprehensive Exam

BUS 694 Week 5 Program Comprehensive Exam in $11 Only (Instant Download)Ashford BUS 694 Week 5 Program Comprehensive Exam

Due by Day 7. Program Comprehensive Exam. Complete the comprehensive exam, which will take approximately one to two hours and will be graded based on your score. The full instructions for the exam are posted in the classroom.

Sample Answer:

Key ratios

13th largest economy

6th largest exporter

South Korea has a booming, stable economy and is one of the fastest growing. It is a member of the G20 and Asian tigers so it has credibility. They are the sixth largest exporter in the world and have a very low debt service ratio. It has high fiscal reserves as well as a very low unemployment rate. The country’s high fiscal reserves help it get through tough economic downturns, making it a country that can withstand interruptions in global prosperity. South Korea, unfortunately, doesnt have a lot of natural resources so it has to import a lot of their energy. Oil prices remain high since they can’t produce their own. Perhaps the greatest threat to their economy and country is their region in the world.


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