Bucholz Brands Net Present Value (NPV) Estimation

Bucholz Brands Net Present Value (NPV) Estimation
Bucholz Brands is considering the development of a new ketchup product. The ketchup will be sold in a variety of different colors and will be marketed to young children. In evaluating the proposed project, the company has collected the following information:
  • The company estimates that the project will last for four years.
  • The company will need to purchase new machinery that has an up-front cost of $300 million (incurred at t = 0). At t = 4, the machinery has an estimated salvage value of $50 million.
  • The machinery will be depreciated on a 4-year straight-line basis.
  • Production on the new ketchup product will take place in a recently vacated facility that the company owns. The facility is empty and Bucholz does not intend to lease the facility.
  • •The project will require a $60 million increase in inventory at t = 0. The company expects that itsaccounts payable will rise by $10 million at t = 0. After t = 0, there will be no changes in net operating working capital, until t = 4 when the project iscompleted, and the net operating working capital is completely recovered.
  • The company estimates that sales of the new ketchup will be $200 million each of the next four years.
  • The operating costs, excluding depreciation, are expected to be $100 million each year.
  • The company’s tax rate is 40 percent.
  • The project’s WACC is 10 percent.
What is the project’s estimated net present value (NPV)? Need all the procedure with the answer

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