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Module/Week 4 — Decision Making and CreativityA marketing specialist needed to find a new way of marketing the company’s main product to its potential clients. While watching a movie one evening, the marketing specialist saw a scene that gave her inspiration for a new marketing plan. According to the creative process model, which of the following is the next stage in the creative process after such an inspiration?
A. PreparationB. IncubationC. VerificationD. InsightE. Morphological analysisDecision makers tend to rely on their implicit favorite when they:
A. select an appropriate decision style.B. evaluate decision alternatives sequentially.C. want to avoid escalation of commitment.D. want to make more creative decisions.E. have to make a selection from very limited alternatives.
The rational choice paradigm selects the choice with the highest utility through the calculation of:
Establishing a preset level at which the decision is abandoned or reevaluated is recommended mainly to:

A. minimize reliance on an implicit favorite.B. avoid relying on mental models to recognize problems or opportunities.C. minimize escalation of commitment.D. minimize problem identification.E. reduce the incidence of satisficing.
A higher level of employee involvement is preferable when:A. management and employees possess the same information regarding the problem.B. the problem relates to a nonprogrammed decision.C. employee’s goals and norms conflict with the organization’s objectives.D. employees are likely to disagree with each other regarding the preferred solution.E. most of the employees in the organization are less experienced.
In the creative process, which of the following refers to the experience of suddenly becoming aware of a unique idea?A. IncubationB. IlluminationC. PreparationD. VerificationE. Convergent thinkingWhat do impromptu storytelling, morphological analysis, and artwork have in common?
A. They are forms of cross-pollination.B. They increase the risk of bounded rationality.C. They are forms of associative play.D. They significantly weaken the creative process.E. They are used mainly to improve the rational choice process.When decision makers choose to continue an existing course of action because it is the less painful option at the time, this is known as
Which of the following is an observation from organizational behavior that contradicts the rational choice paradigm assumptions?
A. Decision makers evaluate all alternatives simultaneously.B. Decision makers use factual information to choose alternatives.C. Decision makers choose the alternative with the highest payoff.D. Decision makers have limited information processing abilities.E. Have to make a selection from very limited alternatives.
Paragon CompanyAlvin, the production manager at the Paragon Company, wants to select the best supplier of raw materials from among several vendors. He has several choices and has done research into which company provides the best services and products. One company is known to be extremely timely, another is much lower in price but often late in deliveries, and the third is well-known to provide the highest quality products available.According to the Rational Choice Paradigm of decision making, Alvin should select the vendor that offers the most:
A. discounts.B. deliveries.C. utility.D. expectancy.E. quality.Which of the following refers to calculating the conventionally accepted “right answer” to a logical problem.
What effect do mental models have on the decision-making process?
A. They perpetuate assumptions that make it difficult to see new opportunities.B. They allow decision makers to obtain accurate information from the surroundings.C. They reduce the importance of developing alternative solutions to the problem.D. They allow decision makers to maximize the potential of their decision making.E. They help people to be more creative in decision making.
Availability heuristic refers to the tendency:
A. to choose an alternative that is good enough rather than the best.B. for people to influence an initial anchor point.C. to evaluate probabilities of events or objects by the degree to which they remember other events or objects.D. to estimate the probability of something occurring by how easily we can recall those events.E. for decision makers to evaluate alternatives sequentially rather than comparing them all at once.Sarine is most likely making decisions to continue with these dolls at this point because ofAn organization asks its employees to reframe the problems in a unique way and generate different approaches to the problems. Which of the following stages in the creative process would assist this?
A. VerificationB. PreparationC. ExperimentationD. InsightE. IncubationWhich of the following is one of the assumptions of rational choice paradigm
InnoBLAST, Inc.George is a manager for InnoBLAST Inc., a web-based applications company. In an attempt to promote new ideas, George decides to allow his engineering team to devote 15% of their work time to whatever projects they would like to work on and reduces their assigned workload. He then institutes a 30 minute period each morning where the team members are asked to look over their current project list for the day and develop more knowledge about a task before they move on to work on their assigned tasks.17. George is attempting to promote:
A. employee relations.B. employee creativity.C. employee work/life balance.D. a learning-oriented culture.E. task-orie-ntation.Which of the following is assisted by incubation in the creative process?
A. Escalation of commitmentB. Prospect theory effectC. Convergent thinkingD. Divergent thinkingE. Decision choiceWhich of the following decision-making activities tends to make the most use of tacit knowledge?
A. IntuitionB. Decision support systemsC. Escalation of commitmentD. Data miningE. Intelligent systems_____ is the tendency to experience stronger negative emotions when losing something of value than the positive emotions experienced when gaining something of equal value.
A. Implicit favoriteB. Bounded rationalityC. IntuitionD. Nonprogrammed decision makingE. Prospect theory effectThe Director of Nursing is looking throughout the hospital for a new format of a work schedule for nurses. She evaluates each schedule system as soon as she learns about it. Eventually, she finds a schedule that is “good enough” for her needs and ends her search even though there may be better schedules available that she hasn’t yet learned about. The Director of Nursing is engaging in:
A. escalation of commitment.B. satisficing.C. perceptual defense.D. post-decisional justification.E. open rationalization.
Intuition relies on programmed decision routines that speed up our response to pattern matches or mismatches. These programmed decision routines are referred to as:
A. action scripts.B. insights.C. rational formulae.D. solution-focused problems.E. implicit favorites.ABC Corporation
Dora and Keith are managers at ABC Corporation. Keith is having problems in his department with a lack of innovation. In response, he consults the corporate procedures manual and speaks with his boss about the right way to solve the problem. Dora is also having a similar problem in her own department but decides to confront it by hosting team luncheons where she can learn new perspectives and discuss new “outside the box” ways to deal with the problem.
Dora is an example of a(n) _______________ thinker.
DivergentWhich of the following is true at the highest level of employee involvement?
A. Participation involves asking employees for information.B. The entire decision making process is handed over to the employees.C. Specific employees provide information to the management, and management makes the recommendations.D. Employees tend to disagree with each other regarding the preferred solution.E. Employees are told about the problem and they provide recommendations to the decision maker.

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