HRM498 Week 2 Chapter 5 I Am Qualified, Why Not Me?

HRM498 Week 2 Chapter 5 I Am Qualified, Why Not Me? for $14 Only

Why Not Me

Assignment Content
Review the Week 2 Individual Knowledge Check.

Read Ch. 5, Incident 2, “I am Qualified, Why Not Me?”

Write a 700- to 1,400-word analysis, using your research, of the incident, “I am qualified, Why Not Me?” Include the following in preparing your response:

  • Discuss whether or not you believe that Bobby has a legitimate complaint. Does any organization, like Crystal Productions, have a responsibility to provide training and development opportunities to enhance promotion from within?
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a promotion from within policy and whether such a policy would be appropriate for Crystal Productions.
  • Identify, if you were the head of HR, the first step in creating the policy, who should be involved in developing the policy, and what you would do in preparing for implementation. 
  • Recommend the desired goals/outcomes of such a policy and the impact your new policy would have on staffing and performance management strategies.
  • Summarize what impact the changing workforce might have on your new policy.
  • Summarize a brief policy that addresses hiring from within.

HRM 326 Week 1 Training Needs Analysis

HRM 326 Week 1 Training Needs Analysis for $14 Only
Training Needs Analysis

You called Mega Consulting to help you with some performance issues in your organization.
Mega Consulting would like to have a meeting with you (the Training Manager) to discuss the situation.  In order to provide some structure to the session, Mega asks that you complete the attached Needs Analysis form prior to the meeting.

Your perspective on the performance issues, along with the data that you provide, will help Mega better understand priorities and the gaps in employee performance. 

Define Human Resource Management

Define Human Resource Management

Define Human Resource Management for $3 Only (Instant Download)

  1. Define human resource (HR) management and explain how it relates to the management process. Cite examples of the application of these concepts, preferably from personal, professional experience. 2. What is the difference between a strategy, a vision, and a mission? Give one example of each, from your work life. Discuss whether these example strategies, visions, or missions are effective, or not.

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Role of Culture in Human Resource Management Practices

Role of Culture in Human Resource Management Practices in $20 Only

For this assignment, you will write an essay that assesses the role of culture in human resource management practices within a global organization. Give examples of how cultural differences may affect at least two human resource (HR) functions. Examples of these functions may include recruitment and hiring, employee and/or management development, performance reviews, promotions, compensation, and benefits, but you are not limited to these functions.
Your essay should follow the guidelines below: