Difficult to Stop Building the Eurotunnel

Difficult to Stop Building the Eurotunnel for $2 Only (Instant Download)Difficult to Stop Building the Eurotunnel
1. Why would it have been difficult to stop building the Eurotunnel?
a. The Channel Tunnel had no salvage value.
b. The French and British governments would lose face.
c. It would have been very expensive to close down operations.
d. The banks wouldn’t have allowed Eurotunnel to reorganize and pay back their loans over time.
e. All of the above.
2. A capable process means all of the following except:
a. The process is simplified.
b. The process uses worksheets and manuals.
c. The process has standard operating procedures.
d. The process is kept within the limits of its capabilities.
e. The process uses cleanliness techniques to make problems visible.
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Multiple Choice 20 Questions

Multiple Choice 20 Questions for $5 OnlyMultiple Choice 20 Questions

Free Sample Anwer Given Below

1. The Burger Bin fast-food restaurant sells a mean of 24 burgers an hour and its burger sales are normally distributed. What is the probability that the Burger Bin will sell 12 to 18 burgers in an hour?

The standard deviation should be given. Regardless of the standard deviation, the only possible correct answer below is 0.136.

A. 0.239 B. 0.342 C. 0.136 D. 0.475

2. The probability of an offender having a speeding ticket is 35%, having a parking ticket is 44%, having both is 12%. What is the probability of an offender having either a speeding ticket or a parking ticket or both?

35% + 44% – 12% = 67%

A. 67% B. 91% C. 79% D. 55%

3. Tornadoes for January in Kansas average 3.2 per month. What is the probability that, next January, Kansas will experience exactly two tornadoes?

A. 0.4076 B. 0.2226 C. 0.2087 D. 0.1304

4. Which of the following is a discrete random variable?

Various MCQs Questions

Various MCQs Questions for $19 Only (Instant Download)

Free Sample Answer Given Below

1. Carl goes to a store to buy a television. At the store, there’s a television playing. Carl thinks the picture and sound on that television is good, so he buys the same model. He takes it home, plugs it in, and finds that the picture and sound, while reasonably good, aren’t as good as what he saw in the store. He sues for breach of warranty. If he wins, it will be because A. there’s a breach of warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. B. the demonstration of the model constituted a warranty that proved false. C. there’s a failure of consideration. D. there’s a breach of warranty of merchantability.

2. In August, wholesaler Terrence contracts with retailer Elmer to sell Elmer 500 pairs of blue pants for $5,000 in December. Then, in October, the price of pants drops due to a deal Terrence has made with the manufacturer. Terrence, seeking to get more business from Elmer, agrees in writing to drop the price of the pants due in December from $5,000 to $3,500. Then, in November, the deal Terrence made with the manufacturer falls through, and Terrence calls Elmer and tells him the original price of $5,000 will be charged. Elmer sues, seeking damages based on the lower purchase price. The most likely result is A. the court will award damages based on an average of the two prices. B. Terrence wins because Elmer originally agreed to $5,000. C. Elmer wins because the modification was effective. D. Terrence wins because the price modification was made without Elmer’s consideration.

3. Tom contracts with Sarah to sell 500 pairs of pants for $5,000. Tom ships the goods to Sarah via a common carrier. While in transit, the delivery truck drives over a cliff and the pants are destroyed. If the court rules that Sarah bears the loss, which of the following statements must be true? A. The contract is C.O.D. B. The contract is a destination contract. C. The contract is a shipment contract. D. The contract is F.O.B.

Economics Multiple Choice Questions

Economics Multiple Choice Questions in $24 only

Question 1

The central bank of the United States is:


a. The Bank of America

b. The Federal Reserve System

c. The U.S. Treasury

d. Citibank

0.5 points

Question 2

In the United States control of the money supply is given to:


a. The President

b. The Federal Reserve System

c. The Bureau of Printing and Engraving

d. The Department of the Treasury

0.5 points

Question 3

ACCT221 Exam MCQ and Essays

ACCT221 Exam MCQ and Essays latest 2015 winters in $25 only

ACCT221 Exam MCQ and Essays

A $100,000 mortgage note was created, and the note entailed equal monthly payments of $2,500. The interest rate is 1% per month. How much interest expense is associated with the second month?

A. $985.

B. $1,000.

C. $1,515.

D. $2,500.

E. None of these.” A

2. “(Multiple Choice)

The effective interest method of amortization:

A. is required, even if it achieves results similar to the straight-line method.

B. results in a level amount of interest expense over the life of a bond.

C. causes interest expense to be a constant percent of the carrying value of a bond.

D. will never produce results similar to the straight-line method.

E. None of these.” C

3. “(Essay)

On January 1, 20X6, Brogden Corporation issued at 97 plus accrued interest, two hundred of its ten-year, 8%, $1,000 bonds. The bonds are dated October 1, 20X5. Interest is payable semi-annually on April 1 and October 1. Accrued interest for the period October 1, 20X5 to January 1, 20X6 amounted to $4,000. What amount should Brogden record for bonds payable (net of related discount) on January 1, 20X6?” 194000 (Hint: the answer is a number)

Accounting Quiz 2 MCQs 2015

Accounting Quiz 2 MCQs 2015 in $11 only (Instant Download)

Multiple choice (5 pts each) 

1) In a good internal control system, which of the following documents are required for proper approval of a payment to a supplier?

a) a journal entry, a supplier invoice, and a description of the goods being purchased

b) a receiving report, an invoice, and a purchase order (Sample  Answer)

c) a purchase order, a journal entry, and a price catalog

d) a supplier invoice, a bill of lading, and the supplier’s financial statements

2) In the following situation, which internal control procedure needs strengthening?

ACCT 610 EXAM 2 (Multiple Choice Questions) Latest 2015

ACCT 610 EXAM 2 (Multiple Choice Questions) Latest 2015 in $39 only

Question 1:

If the beginning inventory for 2014 is overstated, the effects of this error on cost of goods sold for 2014, net income for 2014, and assets at December 31, 2015, respectively, are…

Question 2:

June Corp. sells one product and uses a perpetual inventory system. The beginning inventory consisted of 40 units that cost $20 per unit. During the current month, the company purchased 240 units at $20 each. Sales during the month totaled 180 units for $43 each. What is the cost of goods sold using the LIFO method?…

Question 3:

Niles Co. has the following data related to an item of inventory:
Inventory, March 1 200 units @ $2.10
Purchase, March 7 700 units @ $2.20
Purchase, March 16 140 units @ $2.25
Inventory, March 31 260 units…

Government and Not for Profit Accounting

Government and Not for Profit Accounting in $4.99 (Instant Download)


1. A primary characteristic that distinguishes not-for-profit entities from business entities is
a) The need to generate revenues equal to or in excess of expenditures/expenses.
b) The importance of the budget in the governing process.
c) The need to provide goods or services.
d) The correlation between revenues generated and demand for goods or services.

2. Which of the following can be affected by GAAP?
a) Legal ability to issue bonds.
b) Ability to balance the budget.
c) Amount reported as employee pension plan contributions.
d) Claims and judgments settled.