ADM 636 Law and Administrative Process Entire Course

ADM 636 Law and Administrative Process Entire Course in $129 Only

ADM 636 Topic 1: DQ 1

Does the Administrative Procedure Act define the substantive or procedural aspects of administrative law? Define and give an example of each. What is administrative law?

ADM 636 Topic 1: DQ 2

How do different agencies implement administrative law? How has administrative law implementation contributed to the growth in the administrative state?

ADM 636 Topic 1 Assignment Administrative Law Implementation, Bureaucracy and Health Care Reform Essay


Read the sidebar “Health Care Reform and Bureaucracy” on page 13.

DeVry LAWS310 Fll Course latest 2016 September

DeVry LAWS310 Fll Course latest 2016 September in $122 Only

DQ 1

Sarbanes-Oxley (graded)

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 suggests that businesses develop a code of ethics. How effective is a code of ethics in preventing unethical conduct? Review the sample code of ethics of Big Cheese Corporation in Chapter 8. Are there any clauses in this code that you believe need to be more specific? Why?

DQ 2

Corporate Social Responsibility? (graded)

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Check Sample answer for Question 6. 6. (TCO B)

Question 1. 1. (TCO C) In the famous “Palsgraf Case” of the 1920s, Mrs. Palsgraf was standing at one end of the platform of the Long Island Railroad. A train was pulling-out at the other end of the platform, and a man with a large box under his arm was running and trying to get up on the train. Two employees of Long Island Railroad were trying to help the man get up on the moving train; a guard on the platform was trying to push the man up on the train, and the conductor on the train was trying to pull the would-be passenger up onto the train. The would-be passenger dropped the box under the wheels of the train; the box was filled with explosives for fireworks, and exploded. The shock of the explosion caused scales at the other end of the platform to fall and injury Mrs. Palsgraf, and she sued the Long Island Railroad for her injuries claiming negligence on the part of their two employees.

What is the key element of a tort of negligence that the railroad used in their defense? How would you decide this case if you were an appeals court judge? (15 Points)

LAW 531 Final Examination

LAW 531 Final Examination

LAW 531 Final Examination

LAW/531 Final Examination

LAW531 Final Exam

LAW 531 Final Exam with answer

LAW 531 Two Final Exam with answer 100% correct answer


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