Individual Assignment: Financial Ratio Analysis

Individual Assignment: Financial Ratio Analysis in $35 OnlyFinancial Ratio Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to help students gain a better understanding of the financial statements used for corporate financial reporting and the key ratios used to make business decisions.

Selected a Fortune 500 Company from one of the following industries:
Computer Hardware
Reviewed the balance sheet and income statement in the company’s 2015 Annual Report.

ACC 421 Final Exam

ACC 421 Final Exam in $17 Only

Question 1

Transactions for Mehta Company for the month of May are presented below. May 1   B.D. Mehta invests $3,081 cash in exchange for common stock of Mehta Company, a small welding corporation.   3   Buys equipment on account for $1,550.   13   Pays $499 to landlord for May rent.   21   Bills Noble Corp. $569 for welding work done.

Question 2

On July 1, 2012, Crowe Co. pays $18,475 to Zubin Insurance Co. for a 3-year insurance contract. Both companies have fiscal years ending December 31. For Crowe Co. journalize the entry on July 1 and the adjusting entry on December 31

Question 3

Dresser Company’s weekly payroll, paid on Fridays, totals $11,000. Employees work a 5-day week. Prepare Dresser’s adjusting entry on Wednesday, December 31, and the journal entry to record the $11,000 cash payment on Friday, January 2

Question 4

Side Kicks has year-end account balances of Sales $905,610; Interest Revenue $15,980; Cost of Goods Sold $560,340; Operating Expenses $202,750; Income Tax Expense $36,890; and Dividends $20,275. Prepare the year-end closing entries

Question 5

Financial information exhibits the characteristic of consistency when…

ACC 440 Final Exam

ACC 440 Final Exam in $11 Only

1) Under the cost method of accounting for a stock investment, the differential

A.  is written down if related to limited-life assets
B.  is written off

C.  is not amortized or written off

D.  is amortized

2) Accounting for investments depends in part to the level of influence or control. What method is generally tied to influence deemed to be insignificant?

A.  Consolidation

B.  Equity Method

C.  Full Disclosure
D.  Cost Method

3) Which of the following observations is consistent with the equity method of accounting?

A.  Dividends declared by the investee are treated as income by the investor.

B.  It is used when the investor lacks the ability to exercise significant influence over the investee.
C.  It may be used in place of consolidation.

D.  Its primary use is in reporting nonsubsidiary investments.

4) On January 1, 2007, Yang Corporation acquired 25 % of the outstanding shares of Spiel Corporation for $100,000 cash. Spiel Company reported net income of $75,000 and paid dividends of $30,000 for both 2007 and 2008. The fair value of shares held by Yang was $110,000 and $105,000 on December 31, 2007 and 2008, respectively. What amount will be reported by Yang as balance in investment in Spiel on December 31, 2008, if it used the equity method of accounting?

A.  $111,250

B.  $118,750

C.  $100,000

D.  $122,500

UOP XACC 290 Discussion

UOP XACC 290 Discussion in $6 onlyUOP XACC 290 Discussion

Write a 350-word response to the capstone discussion question:

  • In the wake of accounting scandals over the past several years, how has the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002 affected the practice of accounting? What is the role of internal controls in complying with SOX (2002)?

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