Difficult to Stop Building the Eurotunnel

Difficult to Stop Building the Eurotunnel for $2 Only (Instant Download)Difficult to Stop Building the Eurotunnel
1. Why would it have been difficult to stop building the Eurotunnel?
a. The Channel Tunnel had no salvage value.
b. The French and British governments would lose face.
c. It would have been very expensive to close down operations.
d. The banks wouldn’t have allowed Eurotunnel to reorganize and pay back their loans over time.
e. All of the above.
2. A capable process means all of the following except:
a. The process is simplified.
b. The process uses worksheets and manuals.
c. The process has standard operating procedures.
d. The process is kept within the limits of its capabilities.
e. The process uses cleanliness techniques to make problems visible.
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