EDU 695 Week 6 Final Paper

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For your Final Project, you will apply everything you learned in this course to create a research proposal. You can refine
your previous assignments accordingly. You will not be required to implement the research. The purpose is to set up a study for you to further develop at some later point in time.
Your proposal must have the following sections—please include the following headings:
Statement of the Problem (half a page): State your rationale/purpose. Why do you want to study this? What do you perceive to be an issue or problem? Describe the context (e.g., school, students). Describe your diverse community and how that diversity may impact your study.
Research Question (half a page): Even though your research question was developed in Week Two, you may need to change it as research questions tend to evolve as you learn more about the issue. State the question and describe how it supports your problem-solving.
Literature Review (four to five pages): Read at least five scholarly articles about the topic. You may include the sources you listed for your written assignment in Week Three. Summarize all the information you learned about the topic. You may want to include subheadings as you categorize the findings from the other studies. Include a section describing the theoretical framework.
Participants (half a page): Who do you plan on studying? How many people? Are you studying a specific group (e.g., state, age group, gender)? Be specific about your data sample.
Data Collection Methods (half a page): Which methods do you plan on using (e.g., conducting interviews, focus groups, surveys)? How do you plan on conducting your study? Describe the procedures.
Action Plan (two to three pages): Describe two phases of interventions. Indicate possible scenarios and corresponding adjustments.
Bibliography (one page): Include a reference page that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
Your paper must be a minimum of nine pages, not including title and reference pages, and must be in proper APA formatting. You must include a minimum of seven resources.

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