English Comp 102

English Comp 102 (Instant Download)

“Stereotyping and Individuality

Go to the resources tab and use the EBSCO host link to search for the following articles:

  1. Woodson, J. (1992). Where my mother touches me.Kenyon Review,14(4), 94.
  2. Lun, J., Sinclair, S., & Cogburn, C. (2009). Cultural stereotypes and the self: A closer examination of implicit self-stereotyping.Basic & Applied Social Psychology,31(2), 117-127. doi:10.1080/01973530902880340


Choose one of the articles and write a brief summary of the argument presentedthere. Introduce the article by its author and title, then explain the author’s argument (what the author claims and for what reasons.) Include an in-text citation.

  1. Quote a passage that struck you as interesting or enlightening and explain why. What does it tell us about individuality or identity? Introduce the quotation carefully with a signal phrase, such as, “Woodson explains that…”, and include an in-text citation including a page number to cite your quotation.
  2. One of the most interesting things about stereotypes is how they can affect the actions of those who have been stereotyped. Think of a stereotype you’re familiar with. Which came first, the label or the trait? How can the things that other people say about us affect who we become?
  3. At the end of your discussion post, make an impromptu references page: Type the word “References,” enter a line break, and copy and paste the full APA references page entry (listed above) for your selected text. Remember that you will need to provide a References page of your own for this week’s “Summary” assignment.

Sample Answer:

In the article “Where My Mother Touches Me”, author Jacqueline Woodson has argued that girls are often being the victims……

…..It is quite interesting that I myself am acquainted with such stereotypes. I am familiar with the fact that even today women are not considered to be suitable for the post of a leader leading a nation politically and this is because still now there is a firm belief that women are not as competent as men when it comes for making …..

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