Entire Class PSY 360

Entire Class PSY 360 in $12.49 only

PSY 360 Week 1 DQs

Week 1 DQ 1

Which milestone in the development of cognitive psychology do you feel has had the most influence on the field?

Week 1 DQ 2

Considering the truth that Garry Kasparov, a renowned Russian Chess Master, was able to beat Deep Blue, a computer that was able to execute 500,000 chess moves per second, how is it likely that a person may equal the capabilities of most contemporary computers? Explain your answer.

PSY 360 Week 1 Individual Assignment Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper

Prepare a 700-1050-word paper in which you define cognitive psychology.  Be sure to address the following topics in your paper.

·  Identify at least four key milestones in the development of cognitive psychology as a discipline.

·  Discuss the importance of behavioral observation in cognitive psychology.

PSY 360 Week 2 DQs

Week 2 DQ 1

What are the diverse types of perception? How do the various types of perception come together to identify cognitive functioning? Is it likely for a person to function cognitively exclusively on one kind of perception? Explain why or why not.

Week 2 DQ 2

How does the way in which you distinguish the world control your thought method? Provide a definite example in your response. What other aspects do you think control your thought method?

PSY 360 Week 2 Individual Assignment Phineas Gage Paper

Prepare a 700-1050-word paper in which you explain the role of the brain in cognitive functions.  As part of your explanation, describe what Phineas Gage’s accident revealed about how brain areas support cognitive function.

PSY 360 Week 3 DQs 

Week 3 DQ 1

Is it probable to recover reserved memories? Explain your answer.

Week 3 DQ 2

Why can you recall what you were doing when disasters occurred (e.g., terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, the Challenger tragedy, assassination of John F. Kennedy)?

PSY 360 Week 3 Individual Assignment Attention Worksheet

This paper should be posted as a Word attachment in the Assignment Section.  Complete the University of Phoenix Material Attention Worksheet located on the Week Three student Web site.

PSY 360 Week 3 Team Assignment Visual Ambiguity Presentation

Prepare an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with presenter notes in which you present your example to the rest of the class.

Discuss the following:

o  Discuss how the visual system resolves ambiguities by making different types of assumptions and describe these assumptions.

o  Analyze the role of perception in cognitive psychology.

o  Discuss the importance of visual perception in cognitive processes.

PSY 360 Week 4 DQs

Week 4 DQ 1

What factors influence language acquisition? Which aspect do you believe has the biggest influence on language acquisition? Explain why.

Week 4 DQ 2

Do animals have language? Explain your answer.

PSY 360 Week 4 Individual Assignment Memory Worksheet

This paper should be posted as a Word attachment in the Assignment Section.  Complete the University of Phoenix Material Memory Worksheet located on the Week Four Student Website

PSY 360 Week 5 DQs

Week 5 DQ 1

Why is problem solving measured the uppermost level of mental movement? What makes a human being clever at solving problems? Clarify your answer.

Week 5 DQ 2

What are the different types of reasoning?
In what type of condition would you use inductive way of thinking? Explain why.
In what kind of circumstance would you use deductive reasoning? Explain why.

PSY 360 Week 5 Team Assignment Problem Solving and Decision Making Presentation

Select a scenario in which problem solving strategies are utilized to achieve a goal (e.g., resolving conflict in the work place or planning a wedding for two individuals that have diverse backgrounds).

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you illustrate your selected scenario with presenter notes.

Address the following items:

o  Describe your scenario.

o  Select two major decisions that must be made to solve your problem. For each one of your decisions address the following:

·  Describe the decision.

·  Discuss the process that must be taken to make the decision.

·  Explain the role that inductive and deductive reasoning play in the decision-making process.

·  Analyze how emotion and culture affected the process.

o  Describe the problem solving strategies that you would use to resolve the challenges associated with your selected scenario.

o  Analyze the role of perception, attention, memory, and language played in your selected scenario


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