ETH 316 Sample Final Exam

ETH 316 Sample Final Exam

1. Most people expect fair play in their interactions and will even forgo economic benefits in order to maintain a fair system

2. Media coverage can positively influence an organization’s reputation allowing it to charge premium prices and attract better applicants and investors.

3. An organization that does not fulfill its philanthropic responsibilities is acting unethically.

4. One of the most common faults in ethical decision making is to ignore the long-term consequences of a decision.

5. In the past five-to-ten years, most lawsuits filed against pharmaceuticals are related to the companies’ advertising and marketing practices.

6. Because stakeholders’ interests frequently do not overlap, an organization is able to focus on one stakeholder at a time.

7. If we understand how people think and behave in their native environment, we will understand how a particular group will behave in relation to cultural outsiders.

8. Women working as expatriate managers are unsuccessful in some countries because they are treated the same as women from that local culture.

9. Although bribes are an accepted part of commercial transactions in many Asian, African, Latin American, and Middle Eastern countries, it is usually against the law in these very same countries.

10. Justice and fairness are universal human values. Therefore, specific beliefs and preferences about what is a fair allocation are also universal.

Multiple Choice

1. According to a national opinion survey, identify the goal that employees did not rank in the top five?

2. Your friend, Sam, has been selected to create a new ethics training program at work. What advice should you give Sam?

3. The __________ approach to formal corporate ethics initiatives is proactive and inspirational.

4. The _________ approach to formal corporate ethics initiatives focuses on required behavior or obeying the letter of the law.

5. Which of the following is false?

6. Which of the following is false?

7. Which of the following is false?

8. When dealing with an individual from a different culture,

9. “When in Rome, do as Romans do” is an example of:

10. ____________ assumes absolute truths that would require exactly the same standard and behavior in every culture.


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