Examples of the Behavioural Science Approach

Examples of the Behavioural Science Approach in $29 only

Suggested limits are as follows:

§ Executive Summary: ideally one page but no more than two. 500 words

§ Table of contents

§ Sections 1: Introduction 500 words,

§ Section 2: Main body of the essay consisting of each of the individual components limit each component to approximately 1,000 words each, (body parts should be minimum 4000 words in total)

§ Sections 3: Conclusions 500 words minimum

§ Summary and Complete List of References (12-15 references). Referencing must be done in Harvard referencing style minimum 12 to 15 Harvard referencing

In Total this report requires 5500 Words in Minimum including executive summary, introduction, body part, and conclusion.

Assessment Criteria:

§ The Report which is worth 15 marks. It is here that we assess the academic quality of your work (including referencing) as well as your ability to correctly structure a business report.

§ The Management Summary 4 marks

§ Report Structure (TOC, Paragraphs, Sections,
sub sections including critical thinking and use of Diagrams 3 marks

§ Academic Quality (incl. Harvard Referencing) 8 marks

Topic for this Assignment (And this is Academic report writing)

Examples of the Behavioural Science Approach

General Framework

The Behavioural Science approach to the study of management re-emphasises the distinction between an opinion and a research finding. The research methodology that led to the research finding is of as much interest as the finding itself in that the strength of the finding is directly related to the rigour and validity of the methodology.

In the following two examples, two persons should work together to describe both the methodology and the research findings of these behavioural science research projects.

Individual Components

1. Frederick Fiedler’s study of leadership – a contingency theory

2. Stanley Schacter’s study of cohesive versus non-cohesive team performance

Important Note for Experts

Presentation Power Point Slides

Please do note that i need 12 power point slides as well based on this assignment. The power point slides should include diagrams, charts, figures, and quality type of presentation which is based with this assignment

§ The Presentation which is worth 10 marks. Here we assess the quality of the presentation NOT the academic quality of the work. Opening Impact, Presentation Technique (incl. Quality of the Slides) and Adherence to the time limit are the key criteria.

§ The Opening Impact 3 marks

§ Overall Presentation Technique 5 marks

§ Adherence to Time Limit 2 marks

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