Final Exam MGT 445

Final Exam MGT 445 in $8 only

1. In distributive bargaining, negotiators view tradeoffs as a zero sum game.

2. A win win negotiation goal would best describe the integrative negotiation style.

3. Which one of the following is an effective technique for dealing with hard ball tactics?

4. Which of the following approaches is inconsistent with interest based negotiation?

5.All of the following arilwell regarded approaches to ethical reasoning, except…

6. The following are true of coalitions, except…

7. Which of the following would be an incorrect statement about multi party negotiations?

8, Which of the following best describes the conflict type when disagreements center on personal beliefs
and deeply held values?

9. To maximize the potential for a successful resolution, prudent conflict managers analyze and consider the interests of which of the following stakeholders?

10. The bottom line a disputant is seeking when resolving conflict is best described as which of the following?

11. Which of the following elements need not be considered when assessing the negotiation environme of a foreign nation?

12. Given the complexity and uncertainty surrounding global business negotiations, it is particularly important that prudent negotiators do which of the following?

13. In which of the following cultures would a friendly, trusting, and relationship building negotiation protocol be highly valued?

14. While important, culture is rarely a significant factor in assessing the probability of success in a global negotiation.

15. E Negotiations and similar technological advances effectively remove the need for negotiators tc travel to their markets to maintain personal contact with customers and to assess the local ss environment.

16. Name the top ten ways culture affects negotiations (5 points). Vou must list all fen to receive credit.

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