How to earn with solvemyquestion.com?

At solvemyquestion.com, we not only sell questions to our valuable customers but we also help them to earn real $$$ and grow with us.

Please, follow the following steps:
Step 1: Send an email to [email protected] with subject ‘[email protected]
Step 2: We will get back to you with ‘start-up’ form which asks various questions such as the course you have, what is your selling price etc.

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Why should Someone believe on your refund policy? 

Normally, we always focus on sending the answer within half an hour or maximum 4 hours as we also not like our refund policy as every refund is a direct loss to us.

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What if I did not get the answer in 3 to 4 hours?

Normally, we send the answer within 3 to 4 hours. However, if we are unable to send the answer within 4 hours then our refund policy will be activated and we will provide you refund in the following manner:
Answer delivered within  4 hours of purchase  — Good job by our team i.e., no refund
Answer delivered within 5 hours of purchase   — 10% refund
Answer delivered within 6 hours of purchase   — 20% refund
Answer delivered within 7 hours of purchase   — 30% refund
Answer delivered within 8 hours of purchase   — 40% refund
Answer delivered within 9 hours of purchase   — 50% refund
Answer delivered within 12 hours of purchase  — 75% refund
Answer delivered after 12 hours of purchase      — 100% refund
Answer delivered after 24 hours of purchase — 100% refund plus issue of coupon equal to price of answer purchased

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Where will I get the answer? The question does not indicate ‘Instant Download’ facility?

Some questions do not have the instant to answer therefore and you have to wait to get the answer in your email inbox. It happened because we send answers through personalized emails and sometimes it might take 3 to 4 hours or more to process your request and send your answer to your email account.

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How to identify that answer has ‘instant download’ facility or not?

Look for ‘Instant Download’ words besides the price of the answer as shown below. If ‘Instant Download’ words are there then it means that it has instant download facility and you can download the answer after payment.

If ‘instant download’ is not mentioned that it means that question does not have the instant facility and after payment, you have to wait for 3 to 4 hours to receive the answer in your email box (Inbox). Please, make sure that you typed out a correct email while payment because we send the answer to email id from where we get the payment. In the case of any problem or issue contact us at [email protected]

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Where will I get the answer? The question indicates ‘Instant Download’ facility.

If the answer has instant download facility then you will automatically transfer to ‘answer download’ page after successful payment. You have to download the answer from this page as we do not send system generated email with download link.

If you missed it or not diverted to ‘answer download’ page then do not worry and email us at [email protected]. We will send the answer to you.

1. After each sale/order from the customer, we always send a personalized email with the answer as an attachment within 3 to 4 hours.
2. To know more about how to download answer click here

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How can I get back my money?

All purchases are final. We did not allow refund of money. However, you can send an email at [email protected]. We will look into it and surely help you out.

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I have purchased the answer but I have not received it yet. What should I do?

First of all, do not worry about it. Your money is in safe hand. We send answer one by one and sometimes it might take 3 to 4 hours or more to process your request and send answer purchased by you to your email id.

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I do not have any type of card for payment. What should I do?

If you do not have any type of card then you can make the payment through your online Backing account also.

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I have a debit card or credit card. Will PayPal accept it?

Yes, Paypal accepts all types of cards including debit and credit card.

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I do not have Paypal account.

Having Paypal account is not compulsory. You can make payment without having Paypal account.

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What is the payment method?

We use Paypal for payment. Paypal is world’s most popular and safest method of payment. To know more about it click here and here.

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Is this safe?

Yes, it is. We are here since May 2010. It means this website is older than more than 6 years 05 months 05 days, or 2,350 days or more than 56,400 hours and it keeps on going…

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How to search answer of my question on this website?

Well, you have three options to do this:
Option 1:
Looked for the Search box on the top right side of your screen from any page of the website. Type your question in the search box and click/touch on ‘Go’ button given right below the box.

Option 2:
Go to ‘Solution Library’ page by clicking here and looked for ‘Search Your Question’ box given below the menu bar on right side of your screen.  Type your question in ‘Search’ box and click/touch on ‘SEARCH’ button given right below the box.

Option 3:  (we recommended this method)
Go the Google.com by clicking here and type your question followed by site:solvemyquestion.com. Example: Let assume that you want to search ‘FIN 571’ then type “FIN 571 site:solvemyquestion.com” in google search and hit/touch enter button. The search result will be displayed like this:

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How can I purchase the answer from solvemyquestion.com?

Just follow 3 simple steps given below:
Step 1: Search your question with the help of ‘Search Box’ given on the top right side of ‘Homepage‘.
Step 2: Once you got your question. Make the payment using ‘Buy Now‘ button given at the end of each question.
Step 3: After payment, you will be direct to ‘answer download’ page. From where you can download the answer. To know more about how to download answer click here

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What is this all about?

solvemyquestion.com (SMQ) is the online place where anyone can get high-quality academic help at very reasonable price.

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