HRM 326 Week 1 Training Needs Analysis

HRM 326 Week 1 Training Needs Analysis for $14 Only
Training Needs Analysis

You called Mega Consulting to help you with some performance issues in your organization.
Mega Consulting would like to have a meeting with you (the Training Manager) to discuss the situation.  In order to provide some structure to the session, Mega asks that you complete the attached Needs Analysis form prior to the meeting.

Your perspective on the performance issues, along with the data that you provide, will help Mega better understand priorities and the gaps in employee performance. 

Use your own organization or one familiar to you.  Here are some examples of performance gaps to help start your thinking.
Contact Center staff are giving out incorrect information on product return policies.
Store sales staff are not achieving sales goals.
The company is implementing a new system for processing orders.
You can probably come up with many problems at your own organization. But pick just one and work through the analysis.  

Training Needs Analysis
Complete the following in a total of 1,050-to 1,400 words. [That is about 100 words for each of the 12 questions.] 
1.    What is your performance gap? 
2.    What skills and knowledge are required to perform the work?
3.    What are the measures of successful performance of the work?
4.    Are people performing at the levels required?
5.     Is there under-performance for specific groups of employees?
6.    What are the causes of under-performance?
7.    What training will help bridge the gap between the standards of performance needed and the actual performance?
8.    Is there specific training that is needed in the training triad categories below? 
a.  Technical training
b. Business skills training
c.  Human skills training
9.    What is the expected return on the investment (ROI)?

  1.  What does success look like?
  2. Do you have a budget for the training development/course?
  3. Any other relevant information? 

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