ISCOM 361 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Caterpillar

ISCOM 361 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Caterpillar

Resource: pp. 148–149 of Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Write a 1100 to 1250-word paper, addressing the topics below using headers to identify each requirement.

Explain how an organization develops working relationships with supplier groups.

What is the advantage of integrating groups or people for a common purpose?

What is meant by internal integration? How is this accomplished?

How is external integration accomplished in the example? With whom could Caterpillar build a relationship in the future?

Describe how the deal between Caterpillar and Delco was beneficial to both organizations beyond a normal supplier/purchaser relationship.

How did this deal provide each organization with a competitive advantage?

What long- and short-term goals do each organization want to achieve?

How do Caterpillar’s supply management goals relate to its corporate objectives?

Use a minimum of one reference and APA guidelines apply.

REMEMBER -> Use headings for each bulleted requirement.


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