ISCOM 374 Week 5 Individual Assignment Huffman Trucking Transportation Analysis

ISCOM 374 Week 5 

Individual Assignment: Huffman Trucking Transportation Analysis

 You are a transportation consultant and you have been employed by Huffman Trucking to develop a transportation analysis.

  • Resource: Huffman Trucking Virtual Organization located on the student Web site 
  • Create a 1,050- to 1,750-word transportation analysis for Huffman Trucking. Address the following:
  • List, describe, and evaluate at least three different transportation strategies.
  • Identify and discuss the current transportation strategies of Huffman. What, if any, improvements could be suggested?
  • Assess how technology may impact future transportation strategies and considerations, given the firm’s mission.
  • Lastly, given the fact that Huffman is considering expanding its transportation services intoMexico, identify international transportation considerations relevant to this expansion.
  • Format the paper according to APA standards(20% each section + 20% on overall contents and format)

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