Joe carter of Carter Inc. a Small Printing Company

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Joe carter is the owner of Carter inc. a small printing company. Joe is meeting with Pete Tingley, his personnel manager, about a recent problem. “You know, Pete,” Joe begins, ” i just will never understand these employees. I have given them wages that are equal to or higher than the industry average. I have sponsored a company picnic every summer, and still they want to unionize. It just makes no sense to me.”

“Well, Joe,” Pete answeres, “the employees just never seem to know what you want. They want to do their jobs well, but seem to be constantly getting disciplined for doing things they thought you had requested. I think they are happy with the compensation they receive, they just aren’t happy with the compensation they receive, they just aren’t happy with uncertainty.

“Pete”, Joe responds, nothing in the world is certain. They are paid to do a job, and they should know what is expected of them. I’m not interested in spending all of my time talking to them, nor am i interested in listening to their concerns or complaints. My job is to pay them fairly, and I expect them to work accordingly. A for this union thing, what kind of compensation package do you think will eliminate this threat?

a. Determine joes managerial communication style, explain your answer

b. evaluate joes interpersonal style with respect to the regions of the johari window

c. suggest specific techniques that may improve communication between joe and pete explain your answer

Sample Answer:


Answer for part b

First we will understand the Johari window then after we use this in our answer.

The Johari Window, named after the first names of its inventors, Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham, is one of the most useful models describing the process of human interaction. A four paned “window,” as illustrated above, divides personal awareness into four different types, as represented by its four quadrants: open, hidden, blind, and unknown. The lines dividing the four panes are like window shades, which can move as an interaction progresses.

In this model, each person is represented by their own window. Let’s describe mine:

1. The “open” quadrant represents things that both I know about myself, and that you know about me. For example, I know my name, and so do you, and if you have explored some of my website, you know some of my interests. The knowledge that the window represents, can include not only factual information, but my feelings, motives, behaviors, wants, needs and desires… indeed, any information describing who I am. When I first meet a new person, the size of the opening of this first quadrant is not very large, since




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