Bond Issued by Kraft Heinz Foods Co

Kraft Heinz Foods Co

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Below is the listing of a bond issued by KRAFT HEINZ FOODS CO (KHC). Below the detail of the bond is the information on a recent sale of part of the bond issue. • Explain what the price of $110.534 on a $100 par value bond means in this purchase. Explain how the yield to maturity of 3.270% is calculated • Contrast that with the calculation of the current yield of 4.184%. • Explain why it matters to know if the bond pays interest monthly, semi-annually or annually. This bond does not mature for almost 9 years. Explain the concept of interest rate risk in context with this bond for both the issuer and the investor. Rating Issuer -CUSIP Baa3 – Moody’s KRAFT HEINZ BBB FOODS CÓ (KHC) Coupon 4.625% Maturity 01/30/2029 ofesorice $110534 Price $110.534 Yield to Maturity 3.270% Current Yield Dated 06/15/2018 Minimun Size 10K Coupon Pd Semi-Annual Callable No 4.184%

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