MGT 498 Week 3 Individual Assignment Environmental Scan Paper

MGT 498 Week 3 Individual Assignment Environmental Scan Paper

English: Wikimedia Strategic Planning process

Write a 800- to 1,000-word paper in which you complete the following:

o    Research and describe the internal and external environments of 2 to 3 real-world companies using an environmental scan. (Please research a company other than your current or previous employers.)

o    Determine what competitive advantages each company has and what strategies each company is using.

  • How does each company create value and sustain competitive advantage through business strategy?
  • What measurement guidelines is each company using to verify its strategic effectiveness?
  • How effective are the measurement guidelines that each company is using?

Format your paper according to APA standards.

A company develops their strategic plan through a process that begins with an environmental scan to identify their competitive advantages. Those competitive advantages should then be used to identify areas where they should pursue a strategic plan to create sustained competitive advantage. However, after the implementation of these strategic plans continued metrics are necessary. Why do we want to create measurement devices early in the strategy process? How do metrics allow us to track the strategy process once it is implemented? How is environmental scanning helpful in choosing the appropriate metric guidelines to use?

Using the process you have learned in this course, research a multi-national corporation, other than your current or previous employers, and identify their competitive advantages. Describe how a competitive advantage is identified by an organization and its relationship to a strategic plan. Describe the strategic process and its importance to effective strategic management.


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