MGT521 Management: Week 2 All DQs and Assignments

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MGT521 Management: Week 2 All DQs and Assignments

Week 2 Assignments
Learning Objectives
Argument and Collaboration

• Construct and support an argument.
• Explain how perception affects decision making.
• Explain the importance of clear communication in business.
Required Reading
1. Read the Student Road Map, available on the resource page.

2. Read Ch. 15 of The Student Writer.

3. Read Ch. 5 & 11 of Organizational Behavior.

4. Read Student Evaluation and Feedback, available on the resource page.

5. Read To APA or Not to APA, That is the Question, available on the resource page.

6. Read Academic and Professional Use of the Works of Others, available on the resource page.

7. Read Resources for Students, available on the resource page.

8. Individual Assignment: Construct and Support an Argument Complete the Jungian Personality self-assessment located on the resource page. You can access this self-assessment, by selecting the Assessment tab, then scrolling to the What About Me section and then to Personality Insights. Select What’s My Jungian 16-Type Personality?

Write an APA formatted paper of no more than 1,050 words in which you construct and support an argument on your decision to pursue an MBA degree to further your career, start a new career, or
achieve a personal goal. Your paper should include consideration of the Jungian Personality self
-assessment on how others perceive you. Use and evaluate published information in support of your

Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document.

9. Respond to the Discussion Questions posed by your instructor.

Discussion Question #2: Recall a perception you made at work today regarding a colleague or manager and the resulting decision. How could you analyze this perception from the lenses of attribution theory, selective perception, halo effect, contrast effects, projection, and stereotyping? Which of these decision-making shortcuts were you guilty of using today?

Discussion Question 3: Is communication inherently the same whether it is done over the phone, through the computer, or in person? Why would a manager choose to convey especially good or bad news in person to her team of employees instead of through e-mail? What is one instance where you have miscommunicated something? What could you have done differently to facilitate clearer communication?


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