N522 Assignment 3 Physical Assessment

N522 Assignment 3 Physical Assessment

N522 Assignment 3 Physical Assessment for $11 Only

For assignment 3, you are to complete the focused assessment in shadow health on Danny, a child who is complaining of a cough. After you complete the focused assessment (virtual simulation), please write a paper using the following as headings/subheadings in APA format.

  • Introduction (with purpose statement – one paragraph)
  • Focus of the Assessment (in one paragraph describe how and what aspects of the health assessment you will focus on based on the chief complaint )
  • Focused Health History (This is a summary of the subjective section of the assessment – what did you find? What questions did you ask? What additional questions would you have asked?)
  • Physical examination (This is a summary of the objective section of the assessment – what were your health assessment findings? What instruments/tools did you use to assess the patient?)
  • Documented Evidence (This is a summary of your ‘differential diagnoses’ – what may be causing the symptoms on this patient? Use EBP and research to support your differential diagnoses)
  • Plan of Care (This is a summary of potential recommendations which may include follow-up visits, patient/family teaching, labs, diagnostic testing, etc.)

Conclusion (one brief paragraph summarizing your experience working with this patient)
References (Please use EBP and research studies to support the documented evidence and plan of care sections)

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