N555 Final Project

N555 Final Project

N555 Final Project for $15 Only

With the guidance of the preceptor, plan your evidence-based practice change and write an executive summary of the project. This executive summary should include a brief introduction, background and significance of the project, theoretical plans, the project’s plan with planned intervention strategies, and an in-depth evaluation plan for assessing the project’s outcome. This executive summary should include multiple appendices that detail key components for implementing this evidence-based practice change.

This executive summary of your final capstone project should be written as a professional APA manuscript style paper. Your project will be an evidence-based practice change that is fully planned and developed ready to implement in your practice setting. Please use one chosen theory and selected QSEN standards for graduate nurses to inform your project. For the selected theory, include a brief summary of the theory, its applicability to the project, and how this theory informed the planning of your intervention. Reflect on the QSEN standards for graduate nurses and select one or two standards that informed your project. Describe how your work demonstrates achievement of these standards. Use the rubric below to help you complete this project.

NOTE: You will not implement your capstone project as a part of this course. You have seven weeks to work on the project design, implementation and evaluation plan. It is impractical to expect you would obtain agency permission and implement within this short time frame.

 *Please follow the following Rubric

All elements of final project are present:

Introduction to paper and purpose
Required Content Elements as noted in assignment directions
Pertinent background information apparent
Evidence of analysis of background information, content elements, and pertinent current information
Contemporary references support analysis
Recommendations for personal growth and innovation in nursing practice
Evidence-based research is present and supports all points of the final project:

Cited references – minimum of 3
References are not older than acceptable nursing program standards, unless they are considered seminal works
References are from pertinent peer reviewed articles, journals or appropriate textbooks
Web- references have authors, dates and can easily be accessed with the URL provided
Unreliable references are avoided (e.g. Wikipedia)

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