BUS515 Organizational Dynamics Organizational Assessment Presentation

BUS515 Organizational Dynamics Organizational Assessment Presentation for $19 Only (Instant Download)

Unit 8 Assignment

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For this assignment, you will assess the organizational dynamics of an organization you are familiar with. Your presentation will consist of 12-14 slides with two paragraphs of notes (or narration) on each slide. The notes and/ or narration should offer additional information and should not simply repeat the content on your slides. Aim to include a minimum of 200 words on each slide. This is also where you will use scholarly sources to support your work. Demonstrate this by using in text citations. A reference list slide must be included and is not included in the slide count expectations. Includes at least six (6) scholarly sources to support your work

You must address the following in this presentation:

Slide 1– Title

Slide 2– A brief description of the organization being assessed.

Slide 3– An analysis and evaluation of the organizational structure (and its effectiveness).

Slide 4– An analysis of the external and internal drivers and factors impacting organizational change and its execution, assessing how technology and the global marketplace influence organizational change. The analysis should include an evaluation of the role managers and leaders within the organization play as change leaders.

Slide 5– An analysis of the culture of the organization and how it is impacted by the personality, attitude, and behaviors of its employees.

Slide 6– An analysis of how staff is recruited, selected, and retained.

Slide 7– An analysis of the use of teams within the organization

Slide 8– An analysis of the various forms of communication within an organization assessing how breakdowns occur and how they can be addressed.

Slide 9– An analysis of the various forms of conflict in the organization and techniques used to resolve them.

Slide 10– An analysis of the use of both power and politics in the organization. Slide 11– An analysis of the decision making processes within the organization Slide 12-An analysis of ethical approaches and issues the organization faces.

Slide 13-A minimum of six recommendations for improvement based on your analysis.

Slide 14– References

This assignment is worth 25% of your grade.

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