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In Chapters 35 & 36, Richard Goldstone and Simon Chesterman, examine issues about the rise of international criminal courts and the need for IOs to embrace the concept of R2P. What are some of the major points they make? What do they view as strengths and weaknesses associated with this type of IO?

2.      PeterHoffman and Frank Madsen in Chapters 28 & 29, discuss the rise of private military and security IO and transnational criminal networks.  What are some of the major points they make?  Are private military companies desirable, if not inevitable? What can the international community do to combat global crime networks?

3.      In Chapter 38, Rob Jenkins writes about post-conflict peacekeeping. What do various IO actors have to do to effectively meet the challenges posed by post-conflict peacekeepimg?

4.      BessmaMomani and Bernard Hockman, in Chapters 40 and 41, describe the relationships between IOs and global finance and trade.  What are some of their key points and predictions about the future?

5.      In Chapters 43 & 45, Elizabeth de Sombre and Matthew Hoffman examine the challenges posed by global environmental issues and climate change.  Are they pessimistic or optimistic about whether IOs are up to the task facing them?  In terms governance, what needs to be done?

6.      In Chapters 48 and 49, Jennifer Clapp and Sophie analyze the issues of food and hunger and global health governance.  What are some of their key points?  Are current IOs effectively meeting the challenge?  If not, what more needs to be done?

7.      Khalid Koser, in Chapter 50, describes the increasing crisis of refugees, migration, and IOs.  Are the current governance systems working?  If not, what needs to be done in the future?

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