Put Steps in the Order

Put Steps in the Order in $2.50 Only

Put the following steps in the order of a routine patient care flow, from the beginning through to the end of the patient encounter flow.

New patient paperwork is signed and returned to front desk with insurance information for verification of benefits

  1. Patient pays standard co-pay if applicable •Hard copy record is pulled, or made if new patient
  2. Patient called to back office •Height, weight, and blood pressure taken by CNA or CMA
  3. CMS 1500 form is coded and sent to insurance for reimbursement
  4. Signs in at reception desk
  5. Patient released from exam room
  6. Call in to schedule appointment
  7. Doctor, NP, or Physician’s Assistant examines patient
  8. Shown to patient care room •Reason for visit reviewed with patient by CNA, CMA, or NP
  9. Any refunds due to patient or insurance sent out
  10. Collections efforts initiated if patient’s charges not paid, and any insurance appeals are processed
  11. Patient checks out and pays any deductible verified
  12. Explanation of benefits returns with breakdown of payments
  13. Height, weight, and blood pressure taken by CNA or CMA
  14. Practice manager applies payments, writes off amounts required by contract with insurance companies, adjusts patient’s account records, and initiates billing to patient that indicates insurance has processed charges


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