QNT561 Final Exam

1. The average salary for a certain profession is $64,500. Assume that the standard deviation of such salaries is $32,000. Consider a random sample of 50 people in this profession and let x represent the mean salary for the sample.

2. The data on age in years and title of 12 of the most powerful women in Country A are shown in the table to the right:

3. When bonding teeth, orthodontists must maintain a dry field. A new bonding adhesive has been developed to eliminate the necessity of a dry field…Tests on a sample of 10 extracted teeth bonded with the new adhesive resulted a mean breaking strength (after 24 hours) of MPA and a standard deviation of MPA. Orthodontists want to know if the true mean breaking strength is less than 6.00 MPA , the mean breaking strength of the composite adhesive.

4. A local news weatherman is researching average temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit for the Cleveland area over the last ten years. The data being collected can be categorized as.

5. Jason is designing a survey to measure the extent to which college students who own an Ipod will recommend that others should also buy an Ipod. He has created the following measure:

6. A newspaper reported the results of a survey on the planning habits of men and women…54% men and 45% women answered “I keep them in my head”. A nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults participated in the survey (500 men, 500 women).

7. Suppose you wish to estimate the population mean correct to within 0.15 with the confidence level of 0.90. You do not know q^2, but you know that the observations will range in value between 32 and 40.

8. A business study conducted by researchers showed a positive correlation between employee engagement and customer satisfaction. This is an example of what type of research?

9. ________are summary descriptors of variables of interest in the population.

10. Researchers reported on the search shares for the most popular search engines available on the Web. Search engine A accounted for 50% of all searches, search engine B for 22%, search engine C for 11%, and all other search engines for 17%. Suppose that in a random sample of 1035 recent Internet searches 466 used search engine A, 239 used search engine B, 123 used engine C, and 207 used another engine.

11. The partially completed ANOVA for 3×4 factorial experiment with two replications is shown to the right:

12. Construct a scattergram for each data set. Then calculate r and r^2 for each data set. Interpret their values. Complete parts a trough d.

13. A researcher investigated the effect of guilt emotion on how a decision maker focuses on a problem. A total of 177 volunteer students…Is there sufficient evidence (at ) to claim that the option choice depends on emotional state?

14. A is used to gather preliminary insights before a full research study is conducted.

15. Which term below refers to an analytical process for measuring the semantic content of a communication?

16. The random sample shown below was selected from a normal distribution:

17. A magazine reported on an independent study of postal workers and violences at postal offices. In a sample of 13,000 postal workers 520 were physically assaulted on the job in the recent year.

18. Which format for presenting statistics is best for enhancing comprehension and providing adequate information?

19. A minitab printout relating the size of the diamond to the asking price for 308 diamonds is shown below: The regression equation is +11598 carat.

20. A marketing research firm doing business research using 6-10 participants and a trained moderator is conducting a

21. A measurement question where the participant chooses the words to frame the answer is a question.

22. A study of Machiavellian traits in consultants was performed. Machiavellian describes negative character traits such as manipulation, cunning, duplicity, deception and bad faith. A Mach rating score was determined for each in a sample of actuaries. The actuaries where then classified as having dishonest, neutral, or honest Mach rating scores. The researcher investigated the impact of both Mach score classification and gender on the average income of an actuary. For this experiment, identify: a. the experimental unit, b. the response variable, c. the factors, d. the levels of each factor, e. the treatments,

23. When a research participant gives an incomplete answer or else provides an incorrect answer this is an example of a

24. Robotics researchers investigated whether robots could be trained to behave like ants in an ant colony. Robots were trained and randomly assigned to colonies consisting of 3,6,9, or 12 robots…error rate of 0.05.

25. A means of support in a research presentation that enhances ethos is.

26. The data in the table to the right resulted from an experiment that utilized a completely randomized design:

27. The is the process of first stating the basic problem and then developing additional questions by subsequently dissecting the original question from the general to more specific questions.

28. A new type of screening for lung cancer CT has been developed.

29. A researcher employed 4 independent variables in a regression model to predict a measure of the novelty level of vacations chosen by 398 golfers.

30. Oil field pipes are internally coated in order to prevent corrosion.


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