SCI 207 Week 4 Lab 4 Energy Sources and Alternative Energy

Lab 4 – Experiment 1: The Effects of Coal Mining (Instant Download)

Post-Lab Questions

1.  Restate your hypothesis. Was it confirmed or denied? How do you know?

1.  What, if any, change did you observe within your water samples?

1.  What type of substance formed in the jars?

1.  What effect do you predict coal mining has on the environment?

1.  What can be done to prevent mine drainage from damaging the ecosystem?

Lab 4 – Experiment 2: Solar Energy

1.  Restate your hypothesis. Was it confirmed or denied? How do you know?

1.  How did the revolutions of the motor compare when the solar cell was held to an incandescent light source vs. the sun as a light source?

1.  Does increased exposure to the sun’s light produce more current? Explain.

1.  How did shading different parts of the solar panel affect the motor’s output?

1.  What effect did you observe when different colored filters were placed atop the solar panel? What does this indicate about different wavelengths of light?

1.  How could you increase the electricity generated by a solar cell during the day, when the sun’s angle is constantly changing?


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