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Check out the sample answers given in green color

1) Given the uncertainties of scientific inquiry, use of the ____________ is prudent to prevent irreversible Environmental harm.

2) In an experiment, an inference becomes a testable _________ that if later not disproved becomes an acceptable law.

3) Which of the following groups provides the best example of three distinct ecosystems?

4) The water body in which a fish swims is contaminated with mercury. The fish then ______________ the mercury. The fish is later caught by a human who eats it; the mercury has then _____________ in the human.

5) Which one of the following is a measure as to which energy is used?

Sample Answer:Joule

Fill in the blank: Write the word or words that fill in the blank on your answer sheet.

6) The organisms in a food web can be categorized into __________________.

7) The _____________ is the time required for a population to double in size.

8) The measure of the amount of oxygen consumed by microorganisms in water in a fixed amount of time is_____________________.

9) When there is high nutrient loading in a body of water, there is an algae population boom, when this population crashes the decomposition of the algae robs the water of oxygen. This entire process is called________________.

10) _____________ is the propagation of fractures in a rock layer by pressurized fluid to extract petroleum or natural gas. This can lead to ground water contamination. Essay Questions: Answer the following questions with 100-200 word responses on your answer sheet (2 points each, partial credit is available)

11) Define 5 ways in which water use can be reduced in your home.

12) Define Peak Oil. If the world reaches peak oil production what are possible ramifications?

13) List 3 negative environmental impacts of modern agricultural practices.

14) Why is climate change an important environmental concern?

15) Why is population growth an important environmental concern? True/False Questions: Write out the entire word “true” or “false” on your answer sheet. (0.5 point each.

16) The Rain Forest is an important ecosystem because it provides a large carbon sink, is the home to many species, and provides many resources important to modern medicine.

17) Humans are in the first trophic level.

18) The nitrogen and phosphorus cycles are called biogeochemical cycles.

19) Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide are greenhouse gases that contribute to Global Climate Change.

20) Drinking bottled water is always safer and healthier than drinking water from the tap. r homework question here, such as “Help me understand this chemistry problem…”

Sample Answer for question number 20:

Drinking bottled water is always safer and healthier than drinking water from the tap. True

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