Full Course MGT 360 Entire Course (Weeks 1-5) Individual Assignment and Discussion Questions

Full Course MGT 360 Entire Course (Weeks 1-5) Individual Assignment and Discussion Questions

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MGT 360 Week 1 Individual Assignment Biosphere Worksheet

  • Complete Biosphere Worksheet
  • In Section B, please complete the matrix using complete sentences and make certain you place a complete sentence in every cell (all 21 cells). Each of the 21 cells is worth 1 point; if you do not answer with a complete sentence in a cell, you will lose 1 point per cell.

In Section C, make certain you cite the two required sources in your answer.

MGT 360 Week 2 Individual Assignment Shareholders and Stakeholders Presentation

  • Create a presentation in which you demonstrate how different stakeholders are affected by business decisions and practices.
  • Select one of the following types of industries: a pharmaceutical manufacturer, an organic yogurt producer, a carpet cleaning company, or a city aquarium (or you may choose a different industry). Identify a representative example of a real business among one of these industries and provide a brief summary of this business’s products, services, and practices.
  • Identify four types of stakeholders for your chosen business. Describe how each stakeholder is involved in or affected by the business and specify their concerns with the business’s standard practices.
  • Explain how stakeholders’ preferences may conflict with shareholders’ financial concerns. Please make certain you clearly distinguish between these two groups.
  • xplain, in the conclusion, how decisions that benefit one group may have a negative effect on the other and describe the role of a business leader in trying to balance the shareholders’ and stakeholders’ concerns.
  • Choose the format of your presentation. You could, for example, make a 5- to 10-minute oral presentation, accompanied by a PowerPoint® presentation. You could also record your presentation as a video clip or another form of media.