EMM415 Week 7 Benchmark Business Continuity Planning

EMM415 Week 7 Benchmark Business Continuity Planning for $15 Only

Business Continuity Planning

One of the primary goals of the recovery phase of disaster is to restore community functioning to its predisaster state as soon as possible. Critical to that goal is reestablishing regular business and commerce functions, which are critical to any community. While civic leaders have significant responsibility for supporting business continuity, so do business owners and operators. This assignment asks you to look at business continuity planning from within an organization to evaluate its state of preparedness for disaster and recommend recovery plans for ensuring its postdisaster continuity.

Assume you are a small business owner who has recently opened your first location and you are ready to develop plans to protect your business and employees in a disaster situation. Complete the following:

1.     Research and determine your business’s legal obligations for disaster preparedness. You may need to investigate federal, state, and local community guidelines.

ABS 415 Complete Class

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ABS 415 Week 1 DQ 1

Discovering Strengths in Leadership

In a 250-300 word post, evaluate why it is important for leaders to know their strengths. Do you think leaders should spend equal time learning about their weak points? Respond to two classmates’ postings.

ABS 415 Week 1 DQ 2

Ethical Leadership

After watching the Ethical Leadership: Why Should We Care About Value Leadership video, assess why positive attitudes are essential for leaders. In addition, share how the filters of the value system impact the attitude of an ethical leader. Lastly, why is leadership more concerned with people than management. Respond to two classmates’ postings.

BUS 415 Week 3 Discussion Questions

BUS 415 Week 3 Discussion Questions

Hazel is 84, and suffers from debilitating arthritis. Sometimes, she can barely walk. Every time Hazel has been unable to get around, her neighbor Ruth cooks and cleans for her until she feels better. Hazel has offered to pay Ruth, but Ruth always declines. One day when Hazel is feeling well, she and Ruth eat out in a restaurant, and Hazel tells Ruth she is going to leave her $50,000 in her will. Six months later, Hazel dies without leaving a will. Can Ruth successfully sue Hazel’s estate for $50,000? State the legal reasons for your answer.

Week 3 DQ 2

What is the purpose of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)? What types of transactions are covered by the UCC? What problems was the UCC designed to address? How would interstate transactions be different without the UCC? Provide an example.

Week 3 DQ 3

Distinguish between a joint tenancy and a tenancy in common with regards to real property. What are the differences in the owners’ rights and obligations between the types of ownership?


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