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 ACC 557 Week 1 DQ1

Improper or Illegal Methods

From the e-Activity, identify the company, the accounting impropriety or illegality, how it was detected, the outcome, and propose a strategy that might have prevented the situation. Indicate how the strategy should be implemented.Assess the impact to the company’s financial performance based on the impropriety and the resulting effect to stakeholder confidence in management, recommending how the company can minimize the resulting impact to the business.

ACC 557 Week 1 DQ2

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week 1

“General Accounting Principles” Please respond to the following:

Watch the video titled, “Bookkeeping” (5 min 46 s) from the video series Accounting Fundamentals with Kay Stice and Jim Stice at Next, consider the following statement: “Bookkeeping and accounting are the same.” In terms of your role in the provision of financial services, present data to support the accuracy of this statement and support your position.
Watch the video titled “The Basic Accounting Equation” (6 min 33 s). Next, analyze the accounting equation as a concept that underpins the work of professional accountants and how an understanding of the equation can impact business decision making.

week 2