ACC 20364 Accounting for Business Operations Final Examination

ACC 20364 Accounting for Business Operations Final Examination in $31 Only

Accounting for Business Operations

ACC 20364 – Final Examination

  1. Bella’s Beauty Salon’s unadjusted trial balance for the current year follows: Additional information:a. An insurance policy examination showed $1,240 of expired insurance.
    b. An inventory count showed $210 of unused shop supplies still available.
    c. Depreciation expense on shop equipment, $350.
    d. Depreciation expense on the building, $2,220.
    e. A beautician is behind on space rental payments and $200 of accrued revenue was unrecorded at the time the trial balance was prepared.
    f. $800 of the Unearned Rent account balance was earned by year-end.
    g. The one employee, a receptionist, works a five-day workweek at $50 per day. The employee was paid last week but has worked four days this week for which she has not been paid.
    h. Three months’ property taxes, totaling $450, have accrued. This additional amount of property taxes expense has not been recorded.
    i. One month’s interest on the note payable, $600, has accrued but is unrecorded.