The Case for Global Accounting Standards: Arguments and Evidence

The Case for Global Accounting Standards: Arguments and Evidence  in $17 onlyb

he Case for Global Accounting Standards: Arguments and Evidence

Ann Tarca

Professor of Accounting, University of Western Australia.

Academic Fellow – Research, IFRS Foundation1


This paper outlines the arguments for a common set of accounting standards and the forces that have promoted adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Widespread use of IFRS since 2005 provides an opportunity for empirical investigation of the benefits of IFRS. I summarise results of studies that are relevant for assessing the role of IFRS in both developing and developed capital markets.

FASB Accounting Standards Codification Professional

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Expectations: The problem you identify should aid in furthering your understanding about a particular topic. Your solution to the problem proposed should include 1) a brief statement of the topic or problem, 2) the relevant standards, and references (corresponding code #) to the FASB codification, and 3) a brief summary about the related standards.

Sample Answer:

…..There are two types of provision for doubtful debts: specific and general allowances. Specific provisions for doubtful debts are allowed in respect of specific accounts receivables that are known to be forming a trade disputes or serious known financial problems with the entity. General doubtful debts, is based on the proportion of the trade receivable balances is not recovered by entity due to unforeseen circumstances facing the entity…..

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