Managerial Accounting True-False Statements

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Managerial Accounting True-False Statements in $3.50 only

1. Reports prepared in financial accounting are general-purpose reports, whereas reports

prepared in managerial accounting are usually special-purpose reports.

2. Managerial accounting information generally pertains to an entity as a whole and is highly aggregated.

3. Managerial accounting applies to all forms of business organizations.

4. Determining the unit cost of manufacturing a product is an output of financial accounting.

5. Managerial accounting internal reports are prepared more frequently than are classified financial statements.

6. The management function of directing and motivating is mainly concerned with setting goals and objectives for the entity.

7. An organization chart in a manufacturing company replaces the chart of accounts.

8. Controlling is the process of determining whether planned goals are being met.

9. Decision-making is an integral part of the planning, directing and motivating, and controlling functions.

10. Both direct labor cost and indirect labor cost are product costs.

Management Accounting Questions (AC 330 Unit 2)

Economist salaries by educational attainment.

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1. Classify the items into the following categories: (a)direct materials (b)direct labor (c)manufacturing overhead: 1.salaries for assembly line inspectors on factory machines taxes on the factory building 4.factory repairs 5. upholstery used in manufacturing furniture 6.wages paid to assembly line workers 7.factory machinery depreciation 8.glue,nails,paint,and other small parts used in production 9.factory supervisors’ salaries 10.wood used in manufacturing furniture

2. Determine the total amt. of (a)delivery service (product) costs and (b) period costs: indirect materials $5400, depreciation on delivery equipment $11200, dispatchers salary $5000, property tax on building $870, CEO salary $12000, gas and oil $2200, drivers’ salaries $11000, advertising $1600, delivery repairs $300, supplies $650, utilities $990, equip repairs $180.

Finance Questions

Stock market of Brussels

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Finance Questions in $5 only

1. Investors in a limited company have their liability limited to:

a. The nominal value of their holding

b. The capital value of their holding

c. The market price of the shares

d. The fully paid value of the shares

2. A LLP differs from a limited company in that:

a. At least one member must have unlimited liability

b. It is not a seperate legal entity

c. It has no Memorandum and Articles of Association

d. Action cannot be taken against individual members for fraud or negligence