Analysis of Case Study: A Cold Call, a Blog, and a $20 Million Lawsuit

Case Study: A Cold Call, a Blog, and a $20 Million Lawsuit.

Authors: McCuan, Jess

Introduction: Purpose statement and main points

Part 1

You now have lots of notes. Write them up into a concise and well-organized paper. The length will likely be determined by the length of the case. Attempt to keep them to five pages or less. Use the following headings and captions to organize the paper:

Communication Problems and Your Communication Objectives (please list these)

Ranked issues and relevant information—list and rank from most to least important key communication issues.

Potential solutions and analysis—list and briefly analyze and explain three possible solutions.

Selected solution, its implementation, and communication—explain the preferred solution in detail and reasons for selecting it. Provide an example of any final deliverable that you decide on.

Part 2

List the four or five key communication skills reflected in the case, and provide a brief critical analysis of each one. Apply each of these key communication skills to your own personal managerial communication abilities and weaknesses as noted in yourself analysis.