Computerized Machining Center

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A computerized machining center has been proposed for a small tool manufacturing company. The new system, which costs $250,000.In the first year, it will generate annual revenues of $100,000 and will require $25,000 in annual labor expenses, $15,000 in annual material expenses, and another $10,000 in annual overhead (power and utility) expenses. Assume that the general inflation rate will be a 20% increase during the project period that will affect all revenues increasing by 20% per year thereafter and we except that salary for labor increase by 3% and overhead expenses will increase by 5% per year thereafter , and that cost of materials expenses will increase by 7% per year thereafter . for example ,whereas annual revenues had been estimated at $100,000, under the conditions of inflation they become 20% grater in year 2, or $120,000;and greater in year 3;and so forth. The automation facility would be classified as a seven-year MACRS property. The company expects to dispose out the facility at the end of 4th year and it will be sold for $120,000. Under these circumstances.
a) Develop the project’s cash flows over its project life. In your calculations use table value.

ACC 2362 Managerial Accounting

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ACC 2362 Managerial Accounting – Ramsey Company – Activity-Based costing

ACC 2362 Managerial Accounting: Excel Project #1 – Chapters 3 & 4 – Predetermined OH Rate, Departmental OH Rates, and Activity Based Rates

Read these instructions completely before you begin the Excel project.
Academic Honesty:The project should reflect your individual work. This is NOT a group project– sharing answers or spreadsheet formats is considered academic dishonesty. If you use a spreadsheet from a prior semester or someone else’s spreadsheet, you will receive a zero for the project and an honor code violation will be filed.
Due date:Friday, September 23rd at the START of your class period or earlier. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late to class to turn in your project, there will be a 25% penalty. If you turn it in after class has ended, you will NOT receive credit for the assignment.

Managerial Accounting: Objective Type Questions

Willard Manufacturing Company building, St. Al...

Managerial Accounting: Objective Type Questions in $2.50
1.Stevens Manufacturing Company reported the following year-end information: beginning work in process inventory, $180,000; cost of goods manufactured, $516,000; beginning finished goods inventory, $252,000; ending work in process inventory, $220,000; and ending finished goods inventory, $264,000. Stevens Manufacturing Company’s cost of goods sold for the year isa. $504,000.b. $528,000.c. $476,000.d. $252,000.2. Nolte Manufacturing Company reported the following year-end information:Beginning work in process inventory $360,000Beginning raw materials inventory $100,000Ending work in process inventory $300,000Ending raw materials inventory $160,000Raw materials purchased $320,000Direct labor $300,000

Manufacturing overhead $200,000