SCI228 Entire Course All Discussions All Quizes , Midterm and All iLabs

SCI228 Entire Course All Discussions All Quizes , Midterm and All iLabs in $129 OnlySCI228 Entire Course

Devry SCI228 Week 1 Discussion DQ1 & DQ 2 .

DQ 1

The Digestive System (graded)

Imagine yourself eating a ham and cheese sandwich. What steps take place with regard to digesting the sandwich?

  1. a) Make sure that the students can distinguish between mechanical and chemical digestion.
    b) What role does HCL play with regard to protein digestion and bacteria?
    c) What are the roles of the small and large intestines?

DQ 2

Food Safety & Technology (graded)

What does food safety and technology have to do with me?

  1. a) Food spoilage. How and why does it occur?
    b) What are the four most important things when it comes to food safety?
    c) Define organic foods and the process involved with becoming a certified organic farm.

Devry SCI228 Week 2 Discussion DQ1 & DQ 2 .

NR 505 All Discussions Week 1-8

NR 505 All Discussions Week 1 – 8 in $59 Only (Instant Download)

This answer included all discussion questions related to course NR 505.

Sample Answer:


Hello Dr. Sorensen and class,

I found my calling as an emergency room nurse. I have been a nurse for total thirteenth years. I call Florida my home as I am in love with this beautiful weather. Evidence based practice involves the nurse bearing in mind that what clinical practice will provide the best patient health outcomes with the support of bets available evidence to provide guidance. I am fortunate enough to work for many health care systems who believed is evidence based practice, particularly the one that I am currently employed for which refrains from doing something just because the things have been done certain way over the years. There is a continuous evaluation of nursing practice to either validate or modify the current practice. The ultimate goal remains constant, which is to provide the most effective nursing care and achieve optimal outcome for the patients.

Very excited to be part of this new class, looking forward to learn new things.


Your Name……



Air pollutants – health issue. For healthy individuals polluted air can cause respiratory irritation. For more susceptible individuals like people with lung and heart disease, pregnant patients, and young children it can cause sever health problems. Long-term exposure can cause aging of lungs, loss of lung capacity, development of diseases and ultimately shortened life span. According to Smith (2013), industrialization lead to increased energy use in form of fossil fuels. Potential of air pollution by biofuels was overlooked as a result of sequence of development (Smith, 2013). An understanding of emissions, concentrations, exposures, and doses is essential because it may lead to ill health (Smith, 2013). Other health and safety issues, which can be identified in this scenario, are: unpicked garbage from the streets, sleeping arrangement near fire and bus stop, biohazards material near fire and living area, road has cracks in it, tire laying on the road, extremely large holes in the mesh covering the sewer and rodents running on the streets

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Unit 1

View the video and read the two articles above. Participate in this discussion board answering the following questions and commenting on other student’s postings.

  • Do you practice critical thinking? Give an example.
  • Does your supervisor (manager) at work practice critical thinking?
  • Is critical thinking something you would like to do more of?
  • Should accountants practice critical thinking?

Unit 2
You are one of three partners who own and operate Marys Maid Service. The company has been operating for seven years. One of the other partners has always prepared the companys annual financial statements. Recently, you proposed that the statements be audited each year because it would benefit the partners and prevent possible disagreements about the division of profits. The partner who prepares the statements proposed that his uncle, who has a lot of financial experience, can do the job at little cost. Your other partner remained silent.

Required: What position would you take on the proposal? What would you strongly recommend?