UMUC AMBA630 Week 1 Assignment

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2016 July 11 Really Annoying Bicycle Messenger Case

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Understanding the effects of pricing on revenues, costs and pricing

Introduction: It is April andyou have recently been hired as the manager of Really Annoying Bicycle Messenger Company in Washington, DC. You have been asked to improve profitability. The company got its name from tweets from automobile drivers stuck in traffic. Note: Please use Excel for all calculations.

1. Analysis of Pricing: You manage The Really Annoying Bicycle Messenger Company which makes deliveries for lawyers, consultants, accountants, and lobbyists in the much of Washington DC including Georgetown. The company makes deliveries of documents and small packages at a price of $10.00 each. The average number of deliveries in one month is 31,000. The owners of the Really Annoying Bicycle Co. would like to increase its sales and profits. They know that, if price is lowered, they will generate more deliveries. So they run an experiment. The price is lowered to $9.00 per delivery in May and the number of deliveries increases to 33,000.