PUB550 Week 7 Application of the Pearson Correlation Coefficient and the Chi-Square Test

PUB550 Week 7 Application of the Pearson Correlation Coefficient and the Chi-Square Test for $14 Only

The purpose of this assignment is to practice calculating and interpreting the Pearson correlation coefficient and a chi-square test of independence.

For this assignment, complete Problems 13.132 and 15.88 in the textbook. Include your process for conducting the calculations. You can complete the calculations by hand or using Excel or SPSS. If you use Excel or SPSS, copy and paste your output results into a Word document.

When addressing each textbook problem, provide a response for each of the six steps of hypothesis testing listed below.

1.     Pick a test.

2.     Check the assumptions.

3.     List the hypotheses.

4.     Set the decision rule.

5.     Calculate the test statistic.

6.     Interpret the results. (What was done? What was found? What does it mean? What suggestions exist for future research?)

Submit a Word document with your problem answers to each of the six steps. If Excel or SPSS was used to complete the assignment, submit the second Word document containing the screenshots to the instructor.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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Week 5 BA225 Assignment Application Problems 5

Week 5 BA225 Assignment Application Problems 5 in $14 only

Week 5 ba225 w5 assignment application problems 5

W5 Assignment Application Problems 5

Page 298: Brief Exercises 7-1, 7-2

BE7-1 The steps in management’s decision-making process are listed in random order below. Indicate the order in which the steps should be executed.________ Make a decision ________ Identify the problem and assign________ Review results of the decision ________ Determine and evaluate possible responsibility courses of action

BE7-2 Bogart Company is considering two alternatives. Alternative A will have revenues of $160,000 and costs of $100,000. Alternative B will have revenues of $180,000 and costs of $125,000. Compare Alternative A to Alternative B showing incremental revenues, costs, and net income.

Pages 300-301: Exercises 7-1, 7-4

E7-1 As a study aid, your classmate Pascal Adams has prepared the following list of statements about decision-making and incremental analysis.