If a firm has Fixed Costs of $63,000

If a firm has Fixed Costs of $63,000 for $2 Only (Instant Download)

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If a firm has fixed costs of $63,000, a variable cost per unit of $3 and sales price per unit of $16, what is the firm’s breakeven point in units?

Multiple Choice

  • 4,846 units
  • 3,938 units
  • 21,000 units
  • 14,154 units

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Springfield Express: Various Break-Even Point Calculation

English: Passenger train for Wisbech

Springfield Express is a luxury passenger carrier in Texas. All seats are first class, and the following data are available:

Number of seats per passenger train car 90
Average load factor (percentage of seats filled)        70%
Average full passenger fare     $160
Average variable cost per passenger     $70
Fixed operating cost per month  $3,150,000
What is the break-even point in passengers and revenues per month?
What is the break-even point in number of passenger train cars per month?
If Springfield Express raises its average passenger fare to $ 190, it is estimated that the average load factor will decrease to 60 percent. What will be the monthly break-even point in number of passenger cars?
(Refer to original data.) Fuel cost is a significant variable cost to any railway. If crude oil increases by $ 20 per barrel, it is estimated that variable cost per passenger will rise to $ 90. What will be the new break-even point in passengers and in number of passenger train cars?
Springfield Express has experienced an increase in variable cost per passenger to $ 85 and an increase in total fixed cost to $ 3,600,000. The company has decided to raise the average fare to $ 205. If the tax rate is 30 percent, how many passengers per month are needed to generate an after-tax profit of $ 750,000?